Wicked Fire

Raisa Greywood
Wicked Fire
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Release Date
November 2019
Book 3 of Wicked Magic
Erotic Romance, Paranormal Romance, Paranormal with Romantic Elements, Urban Fantasy, Vamps & Shifters Romance

After more than a century of solitude, my captivity has suddenly ended. One could be forgiven for presuming that I would embrace my newfound freedom, but at least in prison I was safe from harm.

Now, walking the world again on my own, I am ordered to bring my former ally to justice once and for all. But the mad king Teran certainly won't come without a fight, and I've been forbidden from using my magic to capture or kill him.

If only this were the extent of my troubles. Instead, I'm lost in the modern world, beset by the rage of the Archer clan, and held captive by a dragon who cares nothing for the havoc the mad king will wreak upon the world. Instead, he ensnares me in a web of pleasure I can't deny.

Not even a dragon as mighty as my captor can hold Morgaine le Fay against her wishes for long. I will succeed, even if it costs me everything.

Book Review by Merissa (reviewer)
Dec 21, 2019   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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WICKED FIRE is the third book in the Wicked Magic series, and we continue our story by focusing on Morgaine and Drako. Morgaine was imprisoned within a menhir but it broke and she was free. After being 'oh so nicely' given the instructions to go to America and save Lily, she goes to fight Teran. If that saves Lily, all good. Drako is expelled from Lily's body and into one of his own at long last. Together, he and Morgaine try to get up to speed with the times, as well as learn how to work together. Pretty hard going when Drako knows Morgaine isn't telling him the whole truth.

This was such a brilliant book. I devoured every word. Morgaine and Drako are absolutely perfect for each other, once they get past the mistrust. I love how Lily and her men are interwoven into this story, becoming an integral part of Morgaine's life.

There are other characters that drew me to them though, Yan and Feather to name just two. I'm really, REALLY, hoping that Feather gets her own book. She does have her very own dragon after all! Plus Yan and Omer's story isn't over yet either. Oh, so many stories I still want to read!

I would recommend you read this book after at least reading book two in the series (Wicked Truth). Like I've said, it involves Lily and so I think it would help. Basically though, I recommend this book. It is hot, it is emotional, it is full of action and adventure. Absolutely brilliant!!
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