To Redeem a Highland Rogue

Collette Cameron
To Redeem a Highland Rogue


Dragonblade Publishing
Release Date
December 2019
Book 2 of Heart of a Scot
Historical Romance

One forbidden kiss sets them on a path from which there's no return.

Book 2 in Heart of a Scot is now available! Read for Free with Kindle Unlimited!

Note: "To Redeem a Highland Rogue" has been previously published as "To Redeem a Highland Rake". This in an enhanced second addition with new BONUS content.

In a desperate final attempt to force her cruel betrothed to call off their arranged marriage, Arieen Fleming deliberately creates a public scandal. Aware she'll likely be shunned by Society and remain unmarried; she kisses a dashing swashbuckler at a masked ball. What she doesn't anticipate is her powerful fascination and sensual reaction to Coburn Wallace.

Coburn Wallace is a man who enjoys life and women to the fullest. As cousin and second-in-command to a laird, he has no need or desire to marry and produce an heir. When a beautiful female pirate demands he kiss her, who is he to refuse such an unexpected gift? Upon learning Arieen's been disowned and is destitute, he's seized with an inexplicable urge to protect her even as his honor demands he marry Arieen for his unwitting contribution to her ruination.

Arieen has no choice but to accept Coburn's offer, and though they can't deny their overwhelming, mutual attraction, dare they hope for more?

Can attraction blossom into love in a marriage neither wanted?

This heartwarming Scottish historical by a USA Today bestselling author will bring a smile to your face. You won't be able to turn the pages fast enough as you read Coburn and Arieen's romance.

If you enjoy reading enemies to lovers and marriage of convenience love stories brimming with mystery and suspense, a dash of humor, and gripping emotion then you'll adore Collette Cameron's mesmerizing HEART OF A SCOT. Buy TO REDEEM A HIGHLAND ROGUE and settle into your favorite reading nook with your beverage of choice for a rousing Highland adventure you can't put down.


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