Caroline Clemmons


Caroline Clemmons
Release Date
January 2019
Book 9 of Widows of Wildcat Ridge
Western Romance

A widow with two children to care for, a bounty hunter that is badly beaten, and the crime that brings them together . . .

Garnet Chandler has lost everything. The only things remaining are her café, custody of her niece and nephew, and what little bit of sanity she has left. After the deaths of her husband and in-laws, she has made it her mission to provide for the children. When the children are kidnapped, Garnet has to find a way to rescue the last ties to her family. What she doesn't expect is the handsome bounty hunter that comes to her aid.

Bounty hunter Adam Bennett is on his last job. He's on the trail of a killer who escaped from prison and left a string of bodies in his wake. When he manages to catch up with the man, Adam is beaten and left for dead. Instead of dying, Adam vows to capture the killer and those that have teamed up with him, but he doesn't count on rescuing two children in the process.

Can Garnet and Adam join forces to capture the killer and rescue the children in time? Will the children be able to stay with Garnet, or will the grandparents take them from her? Can Adam teach Garnet that even though she thinks she doesn't need a man, having one isn't all that bad?

Garnet is a sweet historical western romance.

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