The Duke's Misgivings

Linda Kaye
The Duke's Misgivings


Linda Kaye
Release Date
April 2019
Book 4 of The Trouble With Brothers
Historical Romance

In the final book of this series...James, the Duke of Kettering, and Lady Isabelle Albany have become close friends over the years after watching their friends pair up one by one and marry. But Isabelle had no desire to ever marry, convinced that a man would only be after her dowry, and James had not found the one who takes his breath away and leaves him begging for more. As a result, the two have become a protection for one another to avoid those they find undesirable.When Isabelle is set up by an unsavory fortune hunter, hell bent on compromising her to get his hands on her much-needed dowry, James happens to be in the right place at the right time and steps in, letting society believe that he has compromised Isabelle and offering to marry her.Isabelle finds herself subjected to public ridicule and scorn while James is met with sympathy and pity at this turn of events. James finds himself torn between accepting his fate and revealing to Isabelle the truth of his darkest secret, knowing that the truth would send her running away forever.Isabelle has her own secrets and fears telling James the truth will make him despise her. Can this mismatched couple accept the future fate has cast them in or will their secrets leave them each alone forever?


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