Coming Together

Fearne Hill
Coming Together


Release Date
December 2019
Book 1 of Johnson Road
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, New Adult

One very attractive woman. Two ridiculously handsome men. And homoerotic Greek statues.

Starting out alone at Nottingham University, Sophie Ashworth finds herself sharing a house with soulful, grieving Jasper Coutts and charming, irresistible Alex Van-Zeller, who is determined to have Sophie all to himself. After all, he's Alex Van-Zeller and he always gets the girl, right? But he hasn't counted on the slow-burning affection growing between Sophie and Jasper, and Jasper's own quiet self-belief.

And when the bloke that you are up against becomes your best mate and neither of you is prepared to back down, the two men leave Sophie to make an impossible choice, which goes horribly wrong. It takes a lot of gin, love, and friendship before the solution stares Jasper in the face. Oh, and a trip to Skegness.

The first of a trilogy charting the lives of Sophie, Alex, Jasper, and friends as they navigate young adulthood, hearing aid batteries and each other's bodies.
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