That Summer in Spain

Lawrence I. Hill
That Summer in Spain


Moody Boxfan Books
Release Date
January 2020
Contemporary Romance, LGBTQ, Literary Romance

It wasn't just a role this time...

Xavier Duran is ready for the breakthrough film role of his career, and he thinks he's found it.

Not only does this new job take Xavier to the beautiful countryside of Spain, it also takes him right into the arms of his silver screen crush, Hollywood hunk, Dennis Herbert.

Dennis may be gorgeous but everyone knows he's straight.
Or is he?

Lines blur and soon Xavier can't tell if Dennis is just playing his lover or if he wants to take on the role off-screen as well. And what about Dennis' beautiful model girlfriend?

Xavier has been burned before, and he isn't sure he wants to be the secret lover again. He's certainly not ready to risk his feelings on something deeper.

But passion presides and soon Xavier and Dennis are tangled in a web of fraught emotions and uncertain advances.
Is this only a fling? Or is this the beginning of a real romance?

One thing's for certain, it's going to be a scorcher of a summer.
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