It Had Only Been a Game

Robin Leigh Morgan, [R. L. Morgan]
It Had Only Been a Game

Publisher Services LLC
Release Date
January 2020
Clean Romance, New Adult, Young Adult Romance

Chelsea Bailey has known Brian Williams ever since they've been toddlers, and the Brian she knew had been a nerdy guy wearing black horn-rimmed glasses. However, now, three months after graduating high school, she discovers him going to her college, transformed into a guy any young woman would love to be in a relationship.

Naturally, not wanting to lose a catch like Brian, she begins a new relationship with him as a young adult woman. The problem with the college Chelsea is going to is that both her parents went there, met and got married at the same church she and Brian wound up teaching Sunday School. There was also the legacy her parents had left that everyone still remembers including Sunday School. And like her mother, Chelsea winds up helping her dorm roommate Amanda find a guy, a guy she never thought of being able to do, following in her mother's footsteps of bringing people together in relationships Chelsea brought Amanda and Malcolm together.

Brian, having done a marvelous job for the company that he worked for during the summer before starting college, the company invited him back to work part-time. It was during the first semester at the college; Brian played a crucial role in his company and another one merging that he got a four-room home to live in while he's attending college; this led to these four friends to move away from their dorms and into this new home.

With the merging taking place, Brian got a promotion and a new boss whose secretary, Charlene, saw in Brian an opportunity to use him in a plan to make something she wanted to happen. Chelsea's intuition got her concerned regarding Brian driving Charlene and her daughter home; she feared there had been something afoot and that might happen to Brian. What was Charlene's plan? Did something happen to Brian? Did he get injured? Did Charlene's plan succeed?


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