INDOMITABLE, Book 4: Arrow of Time Chronicles

Karen Wiesner
INDOMITABLE, Book 4: Arrow of Time Chronicles

Writers Exchange E-Publishing
Release Date
April 2020
Book 4 of Arrow of Time Chronciles
Romantic Science Fiction/Futuristic

When mankind realized Earth would become uninhabitable, Humans built space habitations. Their first allies arrived in 2073 and shared their technology to power ships through space corridors that fold space and time. Only 58 years into their struggle for survival, an enemy emerges. In the wake of this threat an organic menace is only beginning to be recognized, ensuring the annihilation of every living thing if, together, they can't find a way to stop it.

Newlyweds Tori Bertoletti and Raze Salen--the heart and soul of the Human spacefaring liveship the Aero--are separated. Ambassador Raze continues to negotiate formal alliances while Tori and the best scientific minds in the galaxy try to figure out how to stop the organic menace swallowing the universe in darkness. Meanwhile, civil war threatens to erupt between Earthers and Spacers and the leader of the Napoleonic Sinshe has defected. But can he convince his people…including his own sons leading the armada against all other worlds and cultures…that they've been indoctrinated and enslaved to lies against their will?


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