Stolen: A SciFi Alien Alpha Romance

Alison Aimes
Stolen: A SciFi Alien Alpha Romance
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Orchid Publishing
Release Date
June 2020
Romantic Science Fiction/Futuristic

He's a half-Martian Warlord. Savage, dominant, and dangerous—and now he's on the hunt. For her.

Deception is a way of life for desperate thief Aurora Blake. Her sole purpose is to snatch enough jewels to escape her vicious stepfather, the powerful head of the corrupt Earther Corporation.

And the fierce Warlord she frames for her crimes? He's the last complication she needs.

She never expects to cross his path. Or to burn so hot after watching from the shadows as his rough commands bring exquisite pleasure to another female.

But Aurora's expectations don't matter when the Warlord wants her for himself. He won't stop until he's claimed her as his obedient mate.

Can she survive whatever he has in store once he discovers she's stolen far more than his barbarian heart?

Stolen is a sexy, standalone Alien Alpha Romance full of danger, betrayal, love, and the kind of epic steam that will have you flipping the pages fast!

Book Review by Gabrielle Sally (author,reviewer)
Jul 12, 2020   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Aurora Blake is desperate to escape the machinations of her stepfather. DaKar Volkan is a half-Martian Warlord. When these two first meet, the mating threads are sent out, but both are much too young. But DaKar doesn't forget and when they meet again, those threads tighten. Except that Aurora has some serious secrets.

I'm a fan of dystopian romances and I do like when there's aliens involved. Alison Aimes gives the story a bit of a Regency flair with the patriarchal society and women as property, which sort of takes it out of the realm of alien romance. Sort of.

Likes: Overall, I liked the story. Ms. Aimes does a good job showing us Aurora's desperation and her revulsion of both her stepfather and DaKar's half-brother. And DaKar is all sorts of growly, alpha male, which is what we look for in stories like these. And there's the added suspense as to who the serial killer is, which always makes for good storytelling. For me, the pace was decent. The punishment scene, for me, was enjoyable, but it might not be for others. I liked the intensity of it.

Dislikes: Missing communication. On both their parts, and while yes it wouldn't have driven the storyline, if the two of them had been open to honest communication, they could have helped each other. I get that it's there to drive the story, but it's one of those things where I find myself yelling at the story 'to speak up and be honest.' Or, 'listen to him!'

Overall, do I recommend it? Yes and no. I liked the story overall, and for that, yes I would. But if my dislike is a sticking point for you, then, no, don't.
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