Love Bewitched

Rosalie Redd
Love Bewitched


Rosalie Redd
Release Date
June 2020
Book 3 of Gargoyle Night Guardians
Paranormal Romance

Be careful of gargoyles who can't commit…

Wynne's had enough of tall, dark, brooding males that aren't interested in her kind of love—the "until death do us part" kind. Attracted to unattainable men, she's in uncharted territory when not just one, but two males show an interest in her.

One's a gargoyle with muscles of steel and a deep, sensuous voice to match. The other, a dark, seductive fae with a smirk that can melt panties.

The problem? The men are on opposites sides of a war.

Caught between the two, who will she choose?

A love triangle romance that will surprise you.

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