Nephilim Rising

Michele E. Gwynn
Nephilim Rising

An M.E. Gwynn Publication
Release Date
February 2020
Book 4 of Angelic Hosts Series
Action/Adventure Romance, Fantasy Romance, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

The archangel Gabriel has been busy over the last millennium and Antonio Diaz, a Marine Sergeant—and something else not quite human—is the result. And now he's the new guardian!

With the news of his father's passing, unbelievable secrets are revealed. All his life, Antonio Diaz believed that his mother, Maria, died in childbirth but when a magically imbued letter is delivered by his late father's attorney, the Marine's world is blown apart, and demonkind are alerted to the rise of a new guardian! With the help of his uncle, he discovers the family secret, one he refuses to believe, but with the full blood moon coming that night, he faces a battle the likes of which even the combat soldier is not prepared; one for his very soul!

Blanca Ramos grew up the hard way, an orphan who cared for her little brother as they bounced from one foster family to the next. Grown now and in a good place, she works hard as a waitress while her brother begins college intent on becoming a veterinarian. The only dark cloud comes in the form of a local drug dealer, Alejandro. After she rejects him in front of his friends, he begins stalking the petite woman. When Blanca's brother goes missing, she confronts the thug and finds herself in a dangerous situation she cannot win.

A handsome hero rushes in to save the day and Blanca finds herself attracted to her rescuer. But Antonio has a terrifying secret, one that pulls her in putting her own life in danger changing her destiny forever. Mystical forces have coalesced choosing the feisty Latina as the next vessel for a supernatural key.

An ancient prophesy is unfolding sending earth-bound demons scrambling for dominion over Hell. The fire demon, Esteban del Fuego, vows to rule over Hell while Lucifer rots in the pit of a thousand years, but first, he will need to destroy the key! To win, he must go through the guardian and his army of archangels, Gabriel, Cassiel, Camael, and Rafael. Will good triumph over evil, and will love save Antonio'


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