Alexis Duran

ShadowSpinners Press
Release Date
May 2018
Book 2 of Jacqui the Cat Mysteries
Erotic Romance, LGBTQ, Paranormal Romance, Vamps & Shifters Romance

Jacqui Corleone is a fashion designer, a yoga-instructor and a concerned citizen who helps the police solve crimes. Oh, and he occasionally turns into a small wild cat. Probably due to a wizard's curse or an evil government plot to create super warriors.
Truth is, Jacqui is a cat shifter who doesn't know why or how he turns into a cat, only that shifting is as imperative to his well being as custom-tailored clothing and hot man sex. To stay hidden from a world that doesn't believe in him, he's holed up in Friday Harbor on little San Juan Island, living a life of secrecy and isolation while refraining from potentially awkward entanglements. Unfortunately, Jacqui's tendency to get involved in the kind of trouble that ends with rides in police cars makes it hard for him to avoid the sexy new deputy sheriff in town, Wyatt West. As his non-relationship with the hot cop heats up, the nefarious activities of identity thieves and dumpster divers push Jacqui toward making the best and most dangerous mistake of his life.
Join Jacqui and his alter-ego Cat in Book 2 of this exciting and sexy gay shifter romance mystery series from Alexis Duran, author of the fantasy series "Masters and Mages" and "Edge of Night".


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