Kiss Carson

Kindle Unlimited
Release Date
January 2019
Book 3 of In the Shadows of Angels
Action/Adventure Romance, Fantasy Romance, Paranormal Romance, Romantic Suspense/Mystery, Time Travel

Cursed within an inch of his existence, Rory Benedict hides behind the thick walls of Aingealag Castle, away from prying eyes and away from the hell bound witch who vies for his heart. Although, when a silver haired lass plunges from the sky like a discarded angel, his life takes a turn – some say for the better. But Rory has his doubts.

When Hannah Boyd wins an old, musty red bound book in a raffle, she is drawn into its pages and transported from her impersonal world of 2071 back to 1488 where she meets Rory Benedict, Laird of Aingealag. However, Rory is far from the knight in shining armor promised to her. In fact, Rory is not like any man she has ever met.

Determined to break Rory's curse, Hannah must delve deep inside herself to find the courage needed to love a man doomed by the very fabric of time. Only her love will save him, and his family, from an eternity of evil that looms over them.


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