Praline for my Rival

jj Keller
Praline for my Rival


The Wild Rose Press
Release Date
September 2020
Contemporary Romance, Fantasy Romance

Jenn Beagle leaves her world of intelligence and subject rescue, to serve ice cream from her Waffle Magic truck. Scarred from a world of crime and lies she is reluctant to ease into a trusting romantic relationship with Camp McLeod.

James "Camp" McLeod, ex-Navy Seal, wants nothing more than to joyously serve ice cream to children and dessert lovers. He struggles to strike a financial balance when his twin sister promotes his business and arranges private parties for him to cater.

Casual conversations and infrequent talks lead Jenn and Camp to a comfort zone until a summer storm drops a branch on Jenn's truck. Trapped, Camp rescues her. A warm compelling glance, igniting touches and a date is arranged.

Jenn kisses Camp, compelling him to want more. He cuts his finger and Jenn arranges a medical doctor to stitch him, so he can attend a booked birthday party.

The doctor, who Jenn suspects killed the person she was sent to rescue on a previous mission, readily agrees to help Camp.

Jenn serves dessert at Camp's niece and nephew's birthday party. Camp becomes suspicious of Jenn due to her avoidance of discussing her past and her obvious relationship with the Doctor. Jenn refuses to discuss her past.

The day of the cone-off ice cream contest arrives. Camp wants to discuss their misunderstanding and arranges to meet later. A surprise is waiting for Jenn and Camp. Will they survive this new turn of events?


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