Worth the Wait

Fiona McGier
Worth the Wait
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Extasy Books
Release Date
September 2020
Book 2 of Northwest Maine Academy
Action/Adventure Romance, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, LGBTQ, Multi-cultural/Multi-racial Romance, Paranormal Romance

The Northwest Maine Pack is settling down since Diego, the new pack leader, is almost done healing after challenges to his leadership. His wife, Saoirse, presents him with a welcome surprise. John, son of the late pack leader, has headed out to Boston, to live with Freddie, Saoirse's bestie, whom he met at her wedding to Diego. This leaves a gap in pack security, so Diego asks if anyone from the family of Canadian hunters is willing to fill in for him.
Grant volunteers. He's been haunted by the memory of the black she-wolf he saw on the pack grounds. His wolf tells him she is their mate, but he doesn't even know what she looks like as a human.
Nathan has been without any real love in his life, since his family disowned him years ago, for telling them of his secret duality. But when his wolf senses an unfamiliar she-wolf, and they mate, the next morning, the woman has no memory of anything they did the night before.
Everyone has been waiting a long time for what they want the most. But the path to true love is rarely an easy one. Especially when you are a werewolf.

Book Review by Merissa (reviewer)
Mar 23, 2021   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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WORTH THE WAIT is the second book in the Northwest Maine Academy series and we continue with the teachers and students plus the additional ones who help make the story interesting!

Diego and Saoirse have a gap in their pack after John leaves to follow his heart to Freddie, Saoirse's best friend. Grant, one of the hunters mentioned in book one, arrives to help plug that gap. The fact that he knows his mate is there has nothing to do with it! We also have Nathan and Nisha and what a situation they're both in! Add to that, Diego and Saoirse's surprise plus trying to figure out the science behind the shifter gene and this is a packed book.

I enjoyed all the stories but I would have preferred a bit more about John and Freddie. There was a lot we were told about it but never really saw it.

Saying that, this was still a great addition to the series. I would definitely recommend reading book one first, just so you get the full benefit. Thoroughly enjoyed every word and definitely recommend it.
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