Prophecy of the Halfling King

Amara Lebel
Prophecy of the Halfling King

Luminosity Publishing
Release Date
September 2020
Book 1 of Demon Blood
Action/Adventure Romance, Erotic Romance, Fantasy Romance, Paranormal Romance, Time Travel

Love Knows No Bounds . . .

Caymeron's life has never been his own. Born to a hated prophecy, he hides from the world for fear of destroying it, sacrificing the one thing his kind cherish more than life itself—their fated mates. Or in Caymeron's case, the world's destruction.

Elizabeth has always been free to enjoy life, yet things are about to change as her coming-of-age celebrations near. Times are hard, and the young lady finds herself sold to the highest bidder. Her future husband is a tyrant detested by all.

Not all is lost for these two, however, as their lives collide in this fast-paced romance of historical proportions.

Will they find true love, and enjoy their happy ever after? Or will life take a turn for the worst, dooming them fore'er more?

PUBLISHER NOTE: Fantasy Paranormal Romance. 77,000 words.
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