Wildcat Bride

Lauri Robinson
Wildcat Bride
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The Wild Rose Press
Release Date
April 2011
Book 5 of Quinter Brides
Historical Romance, Western Romance

Seeing his long time sweetheart after a long separation, Bug (Brett) Quinter is determined to claim her as his wife. But first he has to wrangle his way out of a New York City jail and travel across the nation on an orphan train. His arrival in Kansas finds his mother and her trusty shotgun are opposed to his wedding plans.

Even with an illustrious career as an artist, the only thing Eva Robertson has ever wanted is Bug Quinter. She's as shocked as Bug when Ma Quinter refuses to allow them to marry. Not willing to revert to the meek girl the Quinter's first met, Eva must reveal to the entire clan the wildcat buried deep inside her.

Book Review by Lisa Jo
Aug 01, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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WILDCAT BRIDE by Lauri Robinson is a great read for fans of western historicals. While it's not ‘wildly' passionate, this 5th installment in the Quinter Brides series is a lovely story.

Bug (Brett) Quinter is shocked and excited to see the love of his life in New York City. Eva Robertson has left the small town in Kansas to finally debut her work as an artist. Their meeting ignites old flames and new feelings, but also reoccurring doubts. He was the man who promised to come back in six months for her and instead has been absent for three years. Now Eva questions whether or not he still loves her and Bug questions the same feelings from her.

Determined to marry her, Bug tries to convince her that he still loves her, but realizes she has run away back to Kansas. Now he is on the chase, but encountering a few problems along the way. His boss's daughter has fallen in love with Bug and is determined to keep him in New York to marry him. Back in Kansas, Eva realizes she has to find the wildcat within in order to fight for and win the man she loves.

A charming tale about first loves, WILDCAT BRIDE is a western novel with a lot of heart. Well written and entertaining, Ms Robinson creates a leading man and lady that will make you smile. Bug has a big heart and warm personality, which makes his ‘take charge' personality absolutely charming. Eva is the quiet and shy young girl that blossoms into a strong and independent woman. Sometimes she's misguided, but she does her best to find her own way. At times her second thoughts and doubts became just a tad bit annoying. It took her some time to find her initiative, and eventually she came out of her shell.

Fans of westerns with large families will love WILDCAT BRIDE. I read this 5th book in the Quinter Brides series without having read the first four books and enjoyed it as a stand alone novel. Most, if not all, of the secondary characters are from the Quinter family and previous novels. So some may feel that reading the previous novels is necessary. I had quite a few laughs at my first introduction to the family and all it's crazy personalities.

It's a romance a little on the tame side when it comes to passion. Which wouldn't ordinarily be a problem, but the author does tease the readers into believing something more substantial is in the remaining pages only to be sadly disappointed when it's left out. If readers are looking for that sweet and chaste romance, WILDCAT BRIDE will surely fit the bill. I would have preferred just a little more passion since the novel attempted to go in that direction.

Overall, it was a satisfying story that I enjoyed reading. WILDCAT BRIDE had great characters and two charming leads. The story had interesting plot points, but at the core was a solid romance. I would recommend WILDCAT BRIDE to the reader looking for a sweet, gentle romance with a lovely western setting and fun secondary characters.
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