Holidays in Blue

Eve Morton
Holidays in Blue

Carina Press
Release Date
December 2020
Contemporary Romance, LGBTQ

Sometimes it takes a little ice to discover a whole lot of heat.

Cosmin Tessler is going home for Christmas. Eric Campbell is too.

Neither expected a homecoming quite like this.

When Cosmin Tessler's radio show is canceled and Eric Campbell's acting jobs dry up, they find themselves unexpectedly back in their old Toronto neighborhood…and back in each other's lives years after they'd gone their separate ways. With a series of failed relationships and one ill-advised marriage behind them, both believe their chance for love has come and gone.

Luck, in the form of a massive ice storm, throws the former neighbors together again and they find themselves stranded, alone, for Christmas. Despite their difference in age, long-ago crushes and undeniable attraction prove too much to resist. But when the ice melts, only time will tell if their burgeoning romance will become just another missed chance—or a love story whose time has finally come.

Book Review by Ana (reviewer)
Dec 06, 2020
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An ice storm becomes a perfect opportunity for these two ex-neighbors to spend time together. Getting to know each other become more than they expect, when the attraction they feel for each other start to come to the surface, in this emotional holiday romance.

When Cosmin's radio show is cancel, he decide to go back to his childhood home, to prepare to give his audience the rightful ending he has dream of. Eric is also back home, when an ice storm hits the city. The neighbors find themselves alone together, and with a mutual attraction too strong to ignore it. When the storm has pass and they can go back to their lives, they can't stop thinking of each other. Now they have to decide if this chance encounter could become something more, as their feeling for each other start to grow.

It was an unusual holiday romance. Not exactly what I expect, but maybe because of that, I love it. It had a slow pace, but it didn't make me lose attention any moment. I liked the writing style. I also liked the characters, which were far from perfect, exactly the kind of character I love to read.

The plot was interesting, even if at times felt like it went far from its way and focus a bit more in secondary characters. It didn't happen often, and the secondary characters mentioned had also captivating stories to tell, so it didn't bother me at all. I loved how heavy on emotions this book was. It was what I liked the most about it. Most of all, when it center on Cosmin and his father's relationship. I guess this could be a little troublesome for some readers, especially if they are looking for a feel-good romance.

Erick and Cosmin back stories where enthralling. I was particularly fond on Cosmin, but I loved both of them. I can't say this was a romantic book. There was a relationship between them, and they do stat having feelings for each other, but I don't think that was the main subject of the book, even if they do had an amazing chemistry. The few romantic scenes were great. I particularly loved the little gestures. I do think they care for each other and they are getting to love each other. What it lacks on romance, it delivered in emotion. I absolutely love the personal growth they both showed. Overall It was a beautiful book. I really loved reading it.
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