Who Better Than Canyon

D.C. Juris
Who Better Than Canyon
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Breathless Press
Release Date
June 2011
Contemporary Romance, LGBTQ

When Canyon's ex-lover, Robert, dies, he leaves behind a last request that Canyon take word of his passing to Simon, an old friend on the east coast. Canyon reluctantly agrees, and soon finds himself falling for Simon, despite the nagging belief he shouldn't. Canyon is plagued by guilt over his part in the accident that claimed Robert's life.

But Simon knows something Canyon doesn't: Robert's death wasn't an accident, but a suicide, and Robert's intent was for the two men he left behind to come together. But Robert's plan didn't account for two things: Simon's disbelief that anyone can truly love a soon-to-be-cripple, and Canyon's staunch decision that the next man he gives himself to will give him a wedding ring first.

Can Canyon and Simon set aside their own issues long enough to see what lies between them, or will they both miss out on their happily ever after?

Book Review by Valentina Heart (author,reviewer)
Aug 04, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Canyon is truly one of those characters who stick with you and I completely understand why his name is in the title. Utterly sweet and adorable and at some places I could even imagine him all sad and dejected, enough so that I almost shed a tear.

There is certain honesty and realism in D.C. Juris' stories, something I've come to appreciate in the last few years since I've been reading GLBT books and something I rarely find. I've only recently been introduced to his work through an anthology Ad-Dick-tion and this book didn't deliver any less than those short stories did.

After his ex-lover dies and leaves Canyon some money and a request, Canyon has no choice but to comply as he's never been able to say no to Robert. The request is somewhat unusual and requires Canyon to go visit a man he doesn't know, to tell him the news about Robert's death and hand him a letter. Of course, even in death, Robert has a way of aligning things just right.

This is a story about two men who are extremely insecure and don't deal well with their issues. But it's also a story about understanding and reaching that level of intimacy and acceptance most m/m stories lack. Guys took their time and while there were sparks between then, ultimately the story wasn't about instant love and mind-blowing sex.

I liked the easy flow and while this book might not be for everyone, it does have that certain something which makes it special.

Side note: You might notice the dedication at the beginning of the book. It is something that intrigues me most of the time, and with a little online search I found an interview the author gave with the explanation of the said dedication and a note saying how the author's royalties for the first six months will go to The Trevor Project.
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