The Accidental Alphas

Penelope Peters
The Accidental Alphas
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Self Published
Release Date
June 2021
Book 1 of Omega Sanctuary Graduates
Erotic Romance, LGBTQ, Ménage or more, Multi-cultural/Multi-racial Romance, Paranormal Romance

A hundred years after the pandemic that killed a quarter of the world's unbonded omegas, every unbonded omega is guaranteed safe haven on an Omega Sanctuary.

But the only way to leave – is to find a mate.

John Willoughby is getting what he doesn't want.

Quiet, focused John has lived on an Omega Sanctuary for over half of his 24 years of life. He has no intention of leaving. Who needs an alpha? He's happy in his garden with his trees.

That's before he meets the young alpha who insults and infuriates him. Or the older alpha who talks to him and makes him laugh.

But he could never have both of them… could he?

Wade Sheppard is getting a lucky break.

Wade doesn't have the bank account or the fame. What he's got is his determination to be the best Major League pitcher on the East Coast. He doesn't need to bond with the cute omega he meets. No matter how much his smile sends Wade's heart – and temper – soaring.

Thank goodness that older alpha intervened before anything could get any worse…

Javier Espinoza is getting a second chance.

After his first mate died, Javier had no intentions of mating again. But Javier is drawn to sweet, shy John, despite his best intentions. Watching him spar with Wade just makes Javier feel all the more protective of them both.

Surely, whatever bond those two obviously share – couldn't have anything to do with Javier. Could it?

Pheromones are pesky things…

No one is surprised when an alpha triggers John's estrus – but everyone is surprised when it's not one alpha, but two. Can John, Wade, and Javier convince anyone that they should remain together? Or will the bond they've formed be forced to fade away?

The Accidental Alphas is the first book in the Omega Sanctuary Graduates series. It is an MMM Omegaverse romance with a HFN ending. It features boarding school-esque shenanigans, Boston-style baseball fans, and distinguished silver foxes in very nice suits.

Book Review by Merissa (reviewer)
Jun 16, 2021   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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THE ACCIDENTAL ALPHAS is the first book in the Omega Sanctuary Graduates series, and the reader is introduced to a world hit by a pandemic, where omegas go to Sanctuaries for the sake of their very lives. Some use the opportunity to meet their mates, others, like John, decide they want to stay at the Sanctuary as a 'lifer'. That's all well and good until pheromones get in the way and take the decision out of John's hands. He ends up with not one, but two, Alpha mates, neither of whom wanted a mate in the first place!

This was a great story, told with excellent pacing, and enough questions to keep me turning the pages. The story is really about our main three, and they take up the majority of the page, but they are ably supported by a great cast of secondary characters, some of which I hope get their own stories. The world-building is brilliant, with enough descriptions to keep you invested but not too many to drown in.

This novel definitely ends on a HFN note, and not all questions are answered, but I didn't mind that as it just means that I am left wanting more.

A great start to a new series, and one I hope to continue. Absolutely recommended by me.
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