King's Man

Sally Malcolm
King's Man


Sally Malcolm
Release Date
March 2021
Book 1 of Outlawed
Historical fiction, LGBTQ

Two weeks on the road together. Two weeks trapped in a carriage. Two weeks to win him back, or part with him forever…

Had there been no war, Sam Hutchinson and Nate Tanner would have lived their lives together, as friends and secret lovers. But when the revolution convulsed America, it threw them down on opposite sides of history…

Five years later, Sam is a Loyalist refugee in London, penniless, bitter, and scrambling to survive amid the city's shadowy underworld. It's a far cry from his respectable life as a Rhode Island lawyer, and the last person he wants to witness his ruin is Nate Tanner— the man he once loved, the man who betrayed him. The man he can't forgive.

Now an agent of the Continental Congress, Nate is in London on the trail of a traitor threatening America's hard-won freedom. But the secret mission of his heart is very different. Nate longs to find Sam Hutchinson—the man he still loves, the man he lost in the war. The man he can't forget.

When their lives unexpectedly collide, Sam and Nate are thrown together on a dangerous mission. Still nursing his resentment, reconciliation is the last thing on Sam's mind, but every day he spends on the road with Nate weakens his resolve. And despite everything that divides them, old passions begin to reignite...

Can they seize this second chance at love, or is the past too painful to forgive?
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