Embers: A Strong Woman Firefighter Romance

Carina Alyce
Embers: A Strong Woman Firefighter Romance

Independently Published
Release Date
July 2021
Book 2 of MetroGen After Hours
Action/Adventure Romance, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

When her firefighter brother disappears, Abby is determined to find him. Will she find love too on her journey to the ashes in NYC?

Abigail Baker knows her mother hen ways caused friction between herself and her younger brother when he moved away. Just because he's a rookie firefighter, doesn't mean she won't stop worrying about him. When the unthinkable happens in New York, she's determined to bring him home to Wisconsin. She finds unexpected and sexy help from a handsome hitchhiker she picked driving through Indiana.

Hank Finster got ditched on the side of the road after a small argument with a friend. Sure, he could have taken a bus home in Cleveland, but he can't seem to let go of the independent-minded Abby. He's had a soft spot for women in need, and he's pretty sure Abby needs him . . . and not only to find her brother who was on vacation in New York City.

This unlikely pair finds themselves in the center of devastation and heartbreak in Manhattan as they travel to the site of their generation's greatest tragedy. Can their love blossom in the ashes of the world gone mad?

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