Blind With Love

Becca Jameson
Blind With Love
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Liquid Silver Books
Release Date
June 2011
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

Kristen Nickels has a full plate. She has reluctantly agreed to a blind date with her best friend's brother, literally blind! The timing couldn't be worse, however. She is leaving town in just days to face a difficult medical decision. A secret she has shared with no one but her boss.

Chase Edwards has been blind since the age of eight. He is currently waiting on a cornea transplant. He has wanted his sister, Margo, to set him up with her friend Kristen for quite some time, and he is far from disappointed.

The two experience instant chemistry and spend a glorious evening together. In a whirlwind twist of fate, Chase gets the long awaited call in the middle of the night that corneas are available and Kristen rushes him to the hospital, only to disappear without a trace during his surgery.

Baffled by her departure, Margo instigates a search for Kristen while Chase recovers from his transplant. But will her detective skills prove to be enough? The unexpected ending will twist the heartstrings.

Book Review by Ashia (reviewer)
Jul 26, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Becca Jameson's warm and stirring romance in BLIND WITH LOVE is guaranteed to make you believe in the power of love.

Kristen's best friend, Margo, set her up on a blind date with her brother, Chase, who was blind. She thought she was doing her friend a favor, but before the night was out, she was entranced by Chase and the time with him was so right, so perfect. But why now, when Kristen couldn't afford to be in a relationship?

An emergency midnight call had her driving Chase to the hospital for the corneal transplant, but when Chase woke up, Kristen was gone. At first worried, then angry, he finally decided he needed closure. But would he ever find her?

Though a short book, only 55 pages in all, BLIND WITH LOVE packs a punch. Ms Jameson's has a way with words that's fun and easy to get into. She just sweeps you along into the lives of her characters and you won't want to leave until you reach the end.

Though the main part of the romance happened in only one night, Becca Jameson was able to make it work. I fully bought into the feelings that Kristen and Chase have for one another, that this--whatever it is--isn't just sex for them. Their conversation over dinner was easy and comfortable, and Chase is an easy man to love. Though I do have to ask, why wait for five years before Margo set up her brother with Kristen? That question was never answered, because it was never asked of her.

Margo is a great secondary character. She's a great friend, and I love the way the author portrayed her relationship with her brother.

There was a wonderful twist at the end that I didn't see coming. I really have to applaud Ms Jameson for the magnificent way she employed tension to keep me riveted on the page.
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Book Review by yadkny (reviewer)
Aug 22, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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He might be blind, but so is love.

Kristen's life had taken a very drastic turn after having some dreaded news confirmed. She decides not to tell anyone and prepares for the undertaking of this heavy burden alone. Not even her best friend knows. In the short time it took to ride the elevator up to work with Margo, Kristen reluctantly agrees to a double blind date of sorts. With life already mapped out in the direction she must go and time not a luxury, Kristen would do this one last thing for her best friend before she left town for good.

Chase already knew everything he needed to know about the woman he was to meet for the very first time. His sister Margo had spoken incessantly about her for a while and before long he became completely enamored with Kristen. He just had to meet her and now after hearing her voice, all sorts of forever kind of thoughts are running through his mind. After an evening of wining and dining ends with Kristen in his bed, there's only one thing that could make everything more perfect... and then the phone rang.

This story was pure emotional poetry. Everything I expected to experience was vividly described, but cut too short altogether by the story's end. I absolutely needed more of Chase and Kristen and their instant chemistry and attraction. There was a lot of potential to not only continue the story at the end, but also add more depth throughout. However, I am now a fan Ms. Jameson's work and look forward to reading more by her.

I would definitely recommend this story to romance fans looking for a tender and erotic read.
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