Christmas Magic: Black Cat Antiquities Book 2 (Cat's Paw Cove 23)

Catherine Kean
Christmas Magic: Black Cat Antiquities Book 2 (Cat's Paw Cove 23)

CPC Publishing
Release Date
November 2021
Book 2 of Black Cat Antiquities
Contemporary Romance, Paranormal Romance, Romantic Comedy

Will cursed cookies slay their magical Christmas or sweeten love that's meant to be?

Recently engaged, Molly Hendrickson looks forward to a happy holiday with her fiancé, Lucian Lord. Most people know Lucian as the manager of the antique shop, Black Cat Antiquities, but he's also a reincarnated knight from the Middle Ages and a sorcerer. He protects Cat's Paw Cove from evil magic and is teaching Molly how to use her newfound abilities—because even in the festive season, their enemies, The Dealers, could strike again.

The Dealers are indeed plotting. Concerned about the threat Lucian and Molly will pose together once she's mastered her powers, they aim to split them up for good. What could be sweeter revenge than to end their romance in the happiest time of the year?

Cora, the town Cougar who wants Lucian for herself, is manipulated into carrying out The Dealers' plan. When he eats her prize-winning sugar cookies and falls under a powerful enchantment, he vows that Cora is his lady love—not Molly.

Has Molly lost Lucian forever? She's determined to fight for him, but she's still learning to use her magic. Will she be able to break the spell so she and Lucian can spend a merry Christmas together after all?

***CHRISTMAS MAGIC is the sequel to Catherine Kean's book HOT MAGIC***


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