Loving the Beast

Naima Simone
Loving the Beast
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Breathless Press
Release Date
January 2012
Book 1 of Fairy Tales Unleashed
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

wendolyn Sinclair needs help. And the one person who can give her the aid she urgently requires is exacting a high price.

Desperate to keep the neighborhood community center open, Gwendolyn seeks out Xavier St. James, her childhood friend and the brother of her dead fiancé. Xavier's family foundation possesses the funds necessary to keep the center open, but instead he offers a bargain—a devil's bargain: submit her body for his pleasure for seven days, and the building doesn't close its doors.

Left scarred from an accident, Xavier is bitter, resentful, and alone. When Gwendolyn reappears in his life, need and loneliness override conscience, and he proposes an arrangement she can't afford to refuse. With the woman he has always wanted but could never have finally in his bed, he hungers for more. Her heart. But could she come to love a beast?

Book Review by Leagh C
Jul 22, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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I really loved this book. The story line was amazing and well thought out and the characters were great.

Gwen is the director of the town's community center and when financial trouble hits, she has no choice but to go to Xavier St. James for help. But Xavier isn't gonna help without a price. When she is forced to spend 7 days and nights in his bed, will she be able to hide her true feelings for her dead fiance's brother or will their time together open the door to feelings better left forgotten?

Xavier is bitter and resentful because of an auto accident that left him scarred and his father dead. With the one woman he has always wanted but could never have in his bed, Xavier realizes he may never get enough.

I love this story. It was very real and the situation was heartbreaking. Xavier was strong and sexy. I always have a soft spot for a tortured hero and this book hits the nail on the head. Xavier lost his father and was severely scarred, he lost his brother (both in car accidents), and his fiancée cheated and walked out on him because of his disfigurement.

Gwen was supportive and loving even though she had gone through her share of life's miseries. She was a very strong heroine. She didn't spend the entire book saying "poor me", she stood up for what she believed in and accomplished her goals. The sex scenes were hot and the emotion was palpable. I loved how Gwen accepted Xavier for who he was on the inside and truly believed in the saying, "Beauty comes from within" A definite must read.

There were a couple things I would have like clarified a little more. I was a little confused about when Xavier's brother was killed in relation to his car accident and I didn't feel like we got a lot of insight on Xavier's relationship with his family. Also I would have liked to know more about when his relationship with Gwen faltered.
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