Kaitlin Maitland
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Loose Id
Release Date
July 2011
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Ménage or more

Leslie has no use for long term attachments. She's seen firsthand how fickle love can be. Better to keep things casual and walk away before someone else hurts you. Even when walking away leaves a wound that won't heal.

Seth and Joshua are the two most successful Family Law attorneys in Boston. But their job can't fill the void in their lives. Linked together by a lifetime of shared abuse and neglect, they want a woman who can complete their relationship, both in and out of the bedroom.

A legal issue leaves Leslie with nowhere else to turn and she strikes a devil's bargain with the two sexiest lawyers in Boston. But her resolution to keep things light crumbles when their passion overflows the bedroom. When the past comes knocking, Leslie must choose retreat or the chance of a lifetime. In the end, she can only hope the crescendo leads to an encore.

Book Review by Rho (reviewer)
Aug 15, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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CRESCENDO is not your typical menage story. Deeply rooted emotion, the bond between the trio is both sensual and loving, but the story also has a unique plot.

Leslie, a violin teacher, has seen how love destroys people when it ends, so she is anti-relationships unless they are just sex. She walked out on Seth a few years ago when he got too close.

Josh and Seth have been friends for years and have been there for each other when no one else has. They like to share their women but haven't found that one woman who will complete them, until they met Leslie.

However, there are things that none of them have been honest about, and when Leslie's past comes back to haunt them, the trio will have to let go of the past and those previous hurts in order to gain their future.

This story was very emotional. All three of our main characters are flawed, and I think it brings them together even though they tried to keep their distance. It added to the intricacies of the plot. The plot was also very unique with various threads to the story that kept you interested.

The sensuality of the book was also off the charts. With a lot of steamy sex and an insane amount of chemistry definitely made the temperature rise in the room more than a few times.

I almost want to call this a GLBT story. Although there was no m/m sex there was some intimate touching that goes beyond the usual m/f/m menage. I kept wishing for Josh and Seth to take the plunge and acknowledge that their feelings were much deeper and more sexual for each other than they wanted to admit. Beyond a few touches that weren't necessarily sexual in intent, there was no other m/m interaction, so I'll say it's a m/f/m.

Now while I liked the story, there were a few things that were over the top that made me roll my eyes. For example, there was a villainess in the book, a lawyer, who was out to get her claws into Josh and Seth. By the end of the book, she had become a caricature and I really wanted to skip over the parts with her in it.

So, a unique plot and lots of hot lovin' are the stand-outs for me in CRESCENDO. And while I didn't love everything about, it certainly a good read. This is my first Kaitlin Maitland book, and I really liked her style of writing so I look forward to reading more of her work.
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Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Jan 29, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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When two beautiful men want to move heaven and earth to keep you safe and in their arms, resistance is futile! Seth, Joshua and Leslie star as the sexy trio in CRESCENDO, and you'll find that three is definitely not a crowd in this delectable ménage book!

Musician Leslie Hampstead had no choice but to break up with attorney Seth Overton, even though she could easily fall in love with the man. But relationships only lead to heartache, which is something that she can't risk. Seth was devastated when Leslie left him, and he's still certain that she is the perfect woman for him and best friend Joshua Breckenridge. Seth and Joshua have shared everything from classrooms to boardrooms to bedrooms, but Leslie left before they had a chance to find out how good the three of them could be together.

When Leslie comes to Seth and Joshua for help with a lawsuit, Seth sees it as a second chance to show her they were meant to be. Joshua is less certain. After all, his best friend was heartsick when she left the first time and he's not ready to take a chance that she'll leave them both again...even if he does want her with a passion that's hard to shake.

As part of their deal to help Leslie, she agrees to move in with the men, setting in motion the destruction of the emotional walls each of them have built up over the years. But Leslie hasn't been completely honest about her past, and what she hasn't told her men could destroy the foundation of what promises to be a very beautiful relationship. How will Seth and Joshua cope when they learned the secrets Leslie has been hiding?

CRESCENDO is book 2 in the Boston Avant-Garde series and can be read as a standalone novel. What an awesome book this is! Seth and Joshua complement each other completely and totally, and their deep and loving friendship is fabulous. They're known as a duo and rarely date independently, making no apologies for their needs and desires. Leslie is the perfect foil for them, bringing out rarely seen emotions from both men as the relationship progresses. From Joshua's fear that Leslie will leave again to Seth's desire for his best friend to fall as hard for Leslie as he has, there is a depth to all of the characters that I really appreciated and rarely get in a ménage read.

The sexual tension between Seth and Joshua was incredible! Even though there was no bisexual tendencies shown, the fact that they were comfortable enough and secure enough with one another to touch when needed as well as show affection frequently just blew me away with the exoticness. And while I was (not so) secretly hoping for a little guy-on-guy action, the fact that there wasn't any made the tension all the more sensual. The three of them were perfectly suited in the bedroom, and the frequent sex scenes in CRESCENDO blew my mind.

The only part that took a bit of adjusting was reconciling the uptight and slightly judgmental Leslie from Strung Out, book 1 in this series, with the sexually comfortable and open character from CRESCENDO. While I adored the change, I would have liked to know what happened to prompt it. Even so, I eventually became hooked on her and her men and was drawn into the story completely.

I highly recommend picking up book 1 of this delicious series, as you don't want to miss a word from the talented Ms. Maitland.
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