Surrender in the Dark

Silvia Violet
Surrender in the Dark
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Release Date
January 2006
Book 1 of Surrender
BDSM, Erotic Romance, Romantic Science Fiction/Futuristic

Radek, king of the Underworld, knows that Nia is destined to be his. Yet as the crown princess of Upperworld, Nia is unavailable to him. Desperate to claim her, Radek puts the safety of his own colony at risk and lures her to him by seducing her in his dreams.

A progressive ruler, Nia believes in the importance of modernization. But as princess, her say is limited. Her mother, the Queen of the Upperworld, forbids the Underworld's king from attending Nia's crowning. So when a man from Underworld invades Nia's dreams and invites her below, she accepts the offer, hoping for an audience with the king.

The moment Nia lands in Radek's throne room, she realizes her mistake. By Underworld law, she is Radek's slave for seven days -- and seven nights. Radek vows to make use of every moment.

Nia's society expects women to dominate in bed, but Radek draws out her hidden desires. How can serving him be so deeply thrilling? Even when he shows her the pleasure In pain, she craves more of his brand of dominance.

The seven days pass far too quickly. When Nia and Radek must face the censure of two societies, passion may force them apart more thoroughly than it held them together.

Book Review by BookAddict (reviewer)
Aug 31, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Did you ever find Persephone abducted by Hades a hot and romantic Greek mythology? I did. In SURRENDER IN THE DARK, Ms. Violet captures this essence and turns up the heat with her sexy twist.

Underworld King Radek sets his sights on the virginal and innocent Upperworld Princess Nia. Dominant Radek is one of the old races who feeds off of emotions, particularly lust, pain, and fear. His harem of exotic females pale in comparison to Nia's submissive responses.

To steal Nia from her mother would cause a war and breaking of truce between the two worlds. Undeterred, Radek finds a loophole and traps Nia into his dominant embrace. Captured slavery themes always do it for me, especially with sexy dominants like Radek. The fact that Nia is a natural submissive who doesn't deny it only enhances my enjoyment.

The world Ms. Violet builds is a bit more complex than just a capture theme. There is a distinct set up hinting of an upcoming war of the worlds. As the first story in this series, I found it to be slightly ominous in the prophecies and it peaked my interest. The story resolved a little too neatly for me, but I think most people would be happy with this happily ever after. Personally, I'd like to read more about how Radek will punish and torment Nia. He's a dominant I'd be willing to submit to – in dark or light. I recommend this book to romantics who enjoy their kink with sweetness.
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