Lady Chamberly's Choices

Meta Mathews
Lady Chamberly's Choices
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Ellora's Cave Publishing
Release Date
May 2011
Erotic Romance, Historical Romance

After the Marquess of Chamberly unknowingly participates in the sexual humiliation of Lady Eliza Warren, he feels honor bound to propose. But she wants nothing to do with him—or any other man for that matter. Her forced introduction to acts of a sexual nature convinced her that she can never willingly give a man access to her body. Still, she can't convince her body that it doesn't still desire the marquess' touch.

Determined to right the wrong he's done to Lady Eliza, Chamberly agrees to marriage on her terms—in name only. He assures her that if anything physical ever happens between them, it will be by her choice. Fortunately, she tends to want him. The challenge is to keep her safe until she chooses to give in to her desires.

Book Review by Jenni Grubb
Aug 15, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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LADY CHAMBERLY'S CHOICES is a Regency-set erotic romance and my first erotica book review. Now, typically when I think of erotica, I think "all sex, and little story," but I must say that I was pleasantly surprised to find this book had a really strong storyline and just the right amount of spice to make this a very enjoyable, steamy read.

When the Marquess of Chamberly is blackmailed into playing a role in a charade, he has no choice but to comply. He has his instructions… pose as Mr. Lade—a man who trains women for duties in houses of ill repute.

Meanwhile, Lady Eliza Warren receives a letter of instructions promising that her compliance will ensure the safe return of her young sister. With no choice but to meet the demands of the letter, Eliza appears at the appointed doorstep and is immediately tossed into a scandalous situation. During the course of this charade, she is instructed to endure sexual humiliation in front of, then at the hands of, Mr. Lade. But Eliza doesn't know Mr. Lade is merely following instructions dictated to him as well.

A few weeks later, the marquess attends a ball and comes face to face with the girl from that fateful night, but why would a society lady have posed as a whore-in-training? Rather than denouncing her actions on the spot and causing a scene, he wants to know her side of the story. It quickly becomes obvious that a mutual enemy is behind the incident, so Chamberly and his old war cronies put their spy skills to good use and set out to unravel the mystery.

But Chamberly feels honor-bound to Eliza and proposes marriage so he can protect her from any further incidents. There's a problem though… Eliza has no desire to be touched by any man now that her memory has been tainted with the sexual humiliation. Chamberly understands but accepts her terms for a marriage in name only, assuring her that the choice is completely hers.

Now with a celibate marriage to this beautiful girl and enemies still on the loose, the plot thickens. But when things start to get tense and their attraction grows, Eliza begins to crave Chamberly's touch. Can she put the events of that fateful night behind her so she can enjoy the pleasure of her husband? And will Chamberly uphold his end of the bargain and protect her from the enemy?

This is my first erotica review, and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised with this book. While encounters of sexual humiliation and near rape are not my cup of tea, the author takes a conservative approach, ensuring that our virgin heroine remains as such after the incident. The inner turmoil Eliza would have been experiencing in this situation was glossed over, softened really, by a spark of something between Eliza and Chamberly, making the situation all the more acceptable to the reader rather than coming off as sordid and repulsive. The rest of the book is a steamy, blossoming romance with a nice dash of intrigue, clocking in at about 130 pages.

Chamberly comes off as the perfect hero in this story – and in my opinion, a bit too perfect. Not just any man would approach this girl whom he'd thought was a whore, try to fish out her enemies, marry her and oh, remain celibate and whistle a happy tune. We don't see a lot of his side of the attraction to Eliza, but the author does a good job of showing their growing relationship as a newly minted couple and Eliza's increasing trust in him. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed this story and look forward to reading Meta Mathews' other title Lady Amberly's Lessons.
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