Sharing - Sextet Anthologies Volume 1

Elizabeth Raines; Cheryl Brooks; Mellanie Szereto; Ginger O'Brien; Annie Morgan; Niki Hayes
Sharing - Sextet Anthologies Volume 1
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Siren Publishing
Release Date
June 2011
Book 1 of Sextet Anthologies
Erotic Romance, Ménage or more

As children, we were all taught the importance of sharing, but when it comes to love, many are unwilling to compromise. Consider the dilemma of two men in love with the same woman, while that same woman loves both men equally and cannot choose. Pain and sadness are almost guaranteed for one man if she does decide to take one over the other. However, when a spirit of cooperation prevails, none of those involved need walk away hurt or unfulfilled—and the possibilities are endless.
Join us on a unique journey that will take you back into history, allow you to explore the present day, immerse you in the world of fantasy, and then send you forward in time to the distant future. Each story will lure you into a private world where nothing is taboo, no one is left sobbing in despair, and sensuously wicked pleasures abound.

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Jan 27, 2015   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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If you're a fan of menage books, look no further than SHARING.

SHARING is the name of the book of 6 short stories by the self-proclaimed "Sextet"--Elizabeth Raines, Cheryl Brooks, Ginger O'Brien, Melanie Szereto, Annie Morgan and Niki Hayes and the first in The Sextet Anthologies series of books. It includes the following stories:

IMMORTAL KISS by Elizabeth Raines (MFMM)

When Adrian Bishop meets Kristina Mason, he knows she's the perfect woman to complete his tribe of nightwalkers, and after kissing her, he's absolutely sure that his tribe mates, Ethan and Nicholas, will feel the same way. What draws Katrina back to their home and why does she feel as if her soul is complete when she's with them?

I found this story a little creepy...particularly Ethan and Nicolas stalking around and hiding in dark corners watching Adrian seduce Kristina. Beyond that, I didn't really get a clear definition of what a Nightwalker is and would have appreciated a bit more info on this breed. Even without the guy on guy action I love, the sex in the story was yummy, so that bumped it up to a 3 rating for me.

DOUBLE DESIRE by Cheryl Brooks (MMF)

Clones Sar and Lon were bequeathed to a hotel when their originator died, leaving them as little more than indentured servants. When they perform massage duties on the beautiful Nalira, an unmistakable thread begins to form between the three of them. The night quickly spirals into a passionate and incredible three for all, and Nalria is convinced she can free the clones from the hotel.

So this story, for For a few reasons. First, as a personal preference, I don't care for the sci-fi genre. But I can be diplomatic...until the clones began having sex with one another. Ok, I get that "technically" they're not siblings or whatever, but they LOOK like twins, from the same "father" and all that. The gigantic ick factor couldn't get me past the wildly hot erotic sex, so alone, this one would get a rating of 1 from me.

TWO MANY CHEFS by Mellanie Szereto (MFM)

Maid of Honor Wren McCoskey has been asked to bring in chefs Dane Fletcher and Spencer Andrews to compete for the job of catering the wedding. But while she has zero interest in letting them compete over her, she's more than willing to let them share her!

This was such a fun, lighthearted read and I really enjoyed it. Combine the kitchen setting with a menage and a geek-to-chic storyline and I was hooked from the get-go. Wren was kinda kooky in a good way and the story was pretty well done for a short story. Alone, I would give this story a 4.


It's 1865 and Anna BonDurant is returning home after fleeing 3 years ago in fear of having to choose between the two men she loved with all her heart, brothers Connor and Devon O'Donnell. When she's caught with one brother by the other, Anna learns that the boys have been busy planning her return!

This book started off really hot; I adored the reunion in the barn! I'm not typically a fan of sibling menage stories, nothing about having any relative in the bedroom in any capacity appeals to me, so that did put a damper on my personal enjoyment. That said, the story was well written and the sex WAS delectable, alone I would rate this a 4.

DOUBLE TAP by Annie Morgan (MFM)

It's Jennifer Delaney's birthday, and taking her friends Wil Simon and Trey McIntyre up on their offer of ANYTHING has her asking for a no-holds-barred threesome night with them both. But she wants more from them, will they be willing to give it to her?

DOUBLE TAP was one of my favorite stories of this anthology. I really enjoyed Jennifer's boldness and willingness to ask her BFF's for what she wanted. It was a super sexy story and the relationship plausible enough that it didn't seem too forced. I'd go with a 5 for this one.


Samantha is bummed when she's ordered to write a story on cowboy life, but admittedly, a cheating ex gives her an incentive to get out of town and get her head on straight. She hightails it to Flannery Ranch where she meets two hot cowboys who make her swoon. Greg and Dallas make the days hot and the nights scorching.

Despite the short length of STUDS IN STETSONS, this story was absolutely my favorite of the anthology. There was an actual GOOD storyline, and though the trio fell in lust/love quickly, Ms. Hayes didn't make it feel unrealistically rushed. Beyond that, the sex was totally yummy and the three of them had delectable chemistry. This would be a 5 rating for me.

Overall, SHARING is a pretty good anthology with some excruciatingly erotic sex scenes and some delicious fun. Although the story by Ms. Brooks didn't appeal to me, the book as a whole was well written and HOT HOT HOT.
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