Hell's Tempest

Gabrielle Evans
Hell's Tempest
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Siren Publishing
Release Date
July 2011
Book 4 of Fatefully Yours
LGBTQ, Ménage or more

When evil penetrates the walls of their sanctuary, the warriors suddenly realize that nowhere is safe from Hades' destruction. While the others set off to find and destroy the threat against their mate, Vapre finds himself alone with Echo for the first time since his arrival.

There's something wrong with Echo, though. He rages out of control with little to no provocation, pushes the boundaries of lewd, and even changes his appearance. Vapre fears he's losing his lover, and when Echo falls into a catatonic state, he's sure he already has.

With one mishap after another, Vapre doesn't know how he is supposed to face down a storm from the Underworld. His reluctance won't stop the new moon from dawning, though, and if he hopes to stand strong in the battle, he must first conquer the tempest inside him.

Book Review by Tyra Berger
Aug 22, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Blowing with the winds of change. Change and adapt is the recurring theme for this saga and HELL'S TEMPEST, the 4th in the Fatefully Yours series, fits right in. While I didn't like Vapre as much as some of the other guys, it's still a strong addition to the overall story arc development.

Because of Vapre's affinity for wind, the line "The sky shall split open, screaming in its fury" in the Oracle's prophesy sounds like it is custom made for his task. But that still doesn't put them any closer to knowing how it will manifest itself or how to defeat the challenge once the full moon comes. With his feelings raging out of control internally, how is Vapre expected to concentrate on the danger externally?

Vapre isn't the only one being tested this time around, Echo is as well. Ares has sent a distraction hoping that it will cause Vapre to fail in his task. The connection between the men is strong but sometimes even the strongest bonds break.

When Mac has a vision of more residents from the lab needing to be rescued, several of the men leave to do just that. But the question is, are they friend or foe?

There is really a lot happening in this book and not all of it centers around Vapre. We have more people added to the house and they are going to have to seriously look at building an addition if many more show up.

The cohesiveness between the men grows stronger but every time one of the men admits his love for not only Echo but the other men too, his eyes change color and this is starting to cause some tension. Echo is definitely the sun that they all revolve around, but the relationships that have always existed between the other men are the foundation that everything else is built on. The constant strain of researching and preparing for the next test might get to be too much for them to handle if they didn't have each other to, shall we say, release the pressure?? And I am sorry but at this point not even Scotchguard could save that couch!

I am enjoying this series and getting to better know Echo and his men and the cast of characters that they are gathering around them. I can't wait to read the rest of the series in this fantastical world that Ms. Evans has created.
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