Shades of Black

Gabrielle Evans
Shades of Black
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Siren Publishing
Release Date
July 2011
Book 5 of Fatefully Yours
LGBTQ, Ménage or more

Syx never imagined his test would be easy, but getting himself and Echo trapped inside a dark cave just adds to their ever-growing list of problems. With the other warriors on a cross-country excursion to recruit another member to their army, it's up to Syx to find a way out of the mess. He's going to kill them the next time they leave him in charge.

It's not that he blames Syx, but Echo is cold, hungry, and wants to go home. Knowing that his other mates are clear across the country because they hope to bring their ex-lover back with them just makes him see red. He doesn't like the dark, and when even the dimmest light fades away inside the cave, Echo knows he must surrender his mind to Syx or risk losing it completely. He's already given his heart to the demon. How hard could it be?

Book Review by Tyra Berger
Aug 24, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Another one bites the dust! I am a self- professed mythology geek and the twist that Ms. Evans has put on these Greek Gods that we all know is not only unique but fun to read. SHADES OF BLACK, is the 5th installment in the Fatefully Yours series and the story line is still fresh and exciting.

The next demon the Oracle's Prophecy has picked to be up to bat is Syx, who has the ability to read minds and insert memories. It's not easy knowing all your lovers' thoughts and feelings. Syx is a strong capable warrior like all of the others but his biggest strength is his mind and he is going to have to flex that muscle like he never has before if he wants to save Echo.

The men have to venture back to the cave where they found Pax and Jet even though they know there is something evil about that area. And as much as they don't want Echo anywhere near the place they know he has to travel with them this time. After arriving, Hex realizes that he must leave to go in search of the demon's former lover Craze to see if he will help them in their quest to defeat Ares and Hades.

Echo is glad that his men are starting to respect the power that he brings to the group but sometimes getting what you wished for isn't a good thing. When Echo, Syx and Mac are trapped in the cave because of a rock slide, Echo is having a difficult time dealing because of his time in the sensory deprivation chamber back in the labs.

Nurture and protect your sacred bond with your very lives, the Oracle told them and it may just cost Syx and Echo theirs, if they aren't prepared to face the dark. But if they can come out the other side, they may have just found some very powerful allies.

Let me just start by saying, I (the jury), am still out on Craze. I am just not sure if he isn't going to stir the pot just to cause trouble now that he has become a member of the household again. I am also pretty sure we haven't seen the last of the little green eyed monster, jealousy, either. Things have been too quiet on the "lab" front as well and I am sure they will have to deal with another attack sometime soon and the anticipation is an added bonus.

I have to applaud Ms. Evans in her ability to come up with new, exciting and varied combinations for the 8 to have sex together. I have yet to read a love scene that made me think "been there done that" and this many books in that takes some serious imagination.

Ms. Evans continues to add to the layers of the original story line and is very good at keeping it fresh and making you anticipate the next curve ball. The growth and development of the relationship between the men just adds another layer to the overall story.
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