Hanging Loose

Lou Harper
Hanging Loose
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June 2011
Contemporary Romance, LGBTQ

When shy Midwestern transplant Nate meets the cool Californian Jez, he's instantly drawn to the sexy surfer even though he didn't know he was gay. The two become first roommates, then friends. Does he have the courage to explore his other feelings?

Book Review by Rebecca
Aug 29, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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I was afraid when the book opened with the main character talking to a fly. But happily, HANGING LOOSE got better from there. Lou Harper's story of two men falling in love was well-written and entertaining. The story concept was so simple and yet appealing – following a couple's everyday life, including their real relationship issues, felt authentic.

Narrated by main character Nate, a young man with an unusual outlook on life, the story seems to evolve as he does. From the Midwest and in denial though most definitely bisexual, his life changes when he moves to California and in with Jez, a mellow California native. Through descriptive narrative, readers get a clear picture of Nate which is generally opposite of his own modest opinion of himself as plain, boring and uninteresting. And then seeing Nate slowly realize and accept his feelings is quite entertaining, especially during his drunken expressions of desire and passes he made towards Jez. The characters were well fleshed out with an intimacy that added depth to the story.

The secondary characters are also well crafted, each having a distinctive personality to set them apart. Arthur's subplot will most affect readers while connecting them on a deeper level with the main characters. The relationship between Arthur and Jez, and then Arthur and Nate, portray the emotional aspects of caring for the elderly. Ginny and her family's small role in the book add insight into Jez who we know less about than Nate. Readers come to understand that his laid-back approach to life is hiding a greater moral dilemma not usually found in a romance book – this in itself sets the book apart from others in the genre as something more.

There were so many funny pieces in the book that made me laugh out loud and giggle, too. Nate's behavior towards Jez when intoxicated was like a mirror into his soul but his one-liners were adorable as was his tendency to compare Jez to food. Mark's subplot of believing Nate was his lucky charm was hysterical, and the fact that Nate humored him was even more amusing. Lou Harper infused fun and quirky humor into HANGING LOOSE.

Humor, descriptive detail, realistic dialogue and relationship development make this a great book. This presumably lighthearted story, with a deeper undercurrent, will stay with readers after they finish it. Not only does it have all those things going for it but Ms Harper tossed in some hot sex scenes to make certain her book will have a captured audience in the m/m romance fan.

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