Skylar's Devotion

Marisa Chenery
Skylar's Devotion
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Liquid Silver Books
Release Date
May 2011
Erotic Romance, Paranormal Romance, Vamps & Shifters Romance

A famous Victoria's Secret fashion model, Braelyn comes home to visit her parents after being away for a year. On a shopping trip, a man on a motorcycle at the red light snags her attention while she crosses the street. When she draws even with him, he flips open the visor of his helmet, and she instantly forgets what she's doing. A blast from a car horn makes her aware she's standing in the middle of the crosswalk, and she quickly gets moving.

Skylar follows the beautiful blonde with his gaze, watching where she goes. Sitting at a red light is not the place he expects to run into his would-be mate, but there she was. Determined not to let her get away, he follows her. He finds it hard enough to deal with her being mortal and not knowing anything about werewolves, but the bigger problem is the stalker who wants to do his famous mate more harm than good.

Book Review by Rebecca
Jul 30, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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The fourth book in the Roxie's Protector Series is another good one. Marisa Chenery changes it up by allowing Skylar to embrace his fate in his own way, creating storylines that don't simply duplicate the previous one. And Skylar's determination to have a real courtship by dating Braelyn first endeared him to me even though I suspected he wouldn't be able to hold out for too long.

Braelyn, a gorgeous high profile model, catches the attention of Skylar as she crosses the street during a day of shopping in her hometown. Skylar is a protector and a werewolf who is struck by the sudden scent of his mate. He follows her into a lingerie store and spends the day going from shop to shop getting to know her. The dialogue Ms Chenery creates between the characters upon first meeting is realistic and gives the reader an authentic feeling. Braelyn seems fun and confident but without the edge readers might expect from a model. She puts Skylar through a series of tests that he passes with flying colors.

As Skylar courts Braelyn, he slowly wins her over with his true desire to know her instead of acting like other fans who simply desire her fame. But he is determined to do it right – unwilling to mate with her until she knows what he is and what being his mate entails. Until they kiss... and then it gets hot. The chemistry between the characters in and out of the bedroom is scorching and charming at the same time. Readers will genuinely like this couple.

During their brief courtship, Braelyn continues to receive ominous notes from a demented stalker. Skylar's profession lends itself to eliminating this threat and Ms Chenery uses this as a means to bring the characters closer together. If I have any complaints, it's that the story just too neatly comes together. Life just seemed too easy… but maybe that's good in a light-hearted romance.
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