Lily Mine

Annabel Joseph
Lily Mine
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Scarlet Rose Press
Release Date
July 2011
BDSM, Erotic Romance, Historical Romance

When Lily wends her way down the country lane to Lilyvale Manor, she hopes the coincidence of names bodes well, for she is in dire straits. She's been disowned by her London family and finds herself desperately in need of a job.

Lord Ashbourne is equally at ends, his fiancée having jilted him for a commoner and run off to the Continent. Her powerful society family is determined to delay the breaking scandal in order to save the younger sister's prospects. When a servant leads Lily to his parlor, James is astonished to discover how closely she resembles the missing lady of the manor.

He hatches a plan, convincing Lily to play his absent "wife" to keep the gossips at bay. He reassures her it will be in name only, but soon enough, playacting turns to real attraction, and friendship to aching, mounting desire. The strictures of society and unforeseen tragedy combine to test the pair's forbidden love, even as they are driven ever closer into one another's arms…

This novel contains spanking, light bondage, and light BDSM elements.

Book Review by Michelle R
Jul 30, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Historical the way I like it. Hot, kinky and eyebrow raising.

This is not your grandmother's historical romance. It's going to singe your skin and surprise your mind. Pay attention. There are twists ahead.

Lily disgraced her family and had been cast out. She'd run out of money and strength to walk when she saw a sign. Literally. A sign.... for Lilyvale Manor.

Okay. If I was out of money, had walked farther than my legs were actually capable of carrying me and I saw a sign that said "Michelle's Manor," you'd bet I'd see it as a sign from the heavens above. I'd drag myself down that path if I had to. Surely it would be the location of my salvation.

When Lord Ashbourne steps into his parlor to meet the female looking for a job, he is stunned to find his wife's doppelganger. This would be the same wife that married him and ran away, leaving her family and husband to cover for her absence in order to prevent widespread disgrace. With opportunity presenting itself, Ashbourne makes quite the proposal to Lily. Act like my wife until we find her.

Let's see. Out of money? Check. Can't move another muscle to even leave? Check. Being offered money to be pampered like high society? Check. Who in their right mind would turn him down? Not me. Not Lily either.

Of course he finds in Lily the looks that attracted him to his own short-term wife, but he finds the fiery personality he'd expected to marry as well. The attraction between the two boils hot. The forbidden attraction compels them to cross the line society has drawn between their two classes.

I'm not one for historical romances. I'll pick them up now and then, but they really aren't my thang. LILY MINE on the other hand would have me reading historical day in and day out.

Lord Ashborne is my kind of prince charming. Rich, powerful, intelligent and gorgeous just like the prince of all girls' dreams. But this one is a little naughty too. *winks* The man is full of heat and fire, and all kinds of wickedness when it comes to his women.

Lily has no reason to trust men. They use her and toss her out. But this time she is going to use him right back, and I just loved that! For once, she wasn't getting the short end of the stick. The girl was taking control and taking what she wanted. Her man.

They live in a time when society dictates morals, and those morals are quite prude. So it was fun to see a little kink tossed into the mix.

And to cap it all off, there is a twist of an ending to explain everything that will leave you mouthing, "No Way! How did I not see that coming?"

Oh and let me not forget to add for all my alpha loving friends out there who like a bit of bondage and spanking, Ms. Joseph will not let you down.

James doesn't identify himself as a Dom. He isn't a member of any Dommy organization nor even clue into what he is doing. It's just part of him. Just the way he likes to make love with her. And she certainly responds positively to having her wrists pinned to the bed while he drives her crazy. It's all pretty light and on the side, so big time BDSM fans, don't go expecting a Lifestyle read. The play seemed exactly right for the times, and gentle enough for historical fans to still enjoy the ride. Enjoy!
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