Adelaide's Adventure

Ursula Grey
Adelaide's Adventure
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Noble Romance Publishing
Release Date
March 2011
Erotic Romance, Western Romance

Adelaide anticipates an uneventful journey--however, the man sharing her stagecoach has other ideas. Will Adelaide acquiesce to the unusual demands placed upon her by the mysterious stranger? She quickly comes to the realization that Mr. Winters wants not only to dominate her time--but her body, as well. Will she have the courage to submit?

Book Review by Tiffy (reviewer)
Aug 28, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Did you ever wish you could go back in time to the Old West and take a stagecoach ride with a handsome, sexy stranger and fulfill all your sexual fantasies? Well now you can, but only if you read ADELAIDE'S ADVENTURE.

Adelaide begins her adventure when she boards a stagecoach and makes the acquaintance of Mr. Winters. As the only passengers on the stage, Adelaide immediately brings out a book and starts to read while rudely deflecting all attempts by Mr. Winters to get to know her. Mr. Winters is captivated by Adelaide's beauty and devilish green eyes that hint at a passionate nature hiding just below the surface. Wanting to engage her in conversation, Mr. Winters asks why she is on the stage. Is she a school marm or governess or is she going to Kansas City to use her body to make a living? The question prompts Adelaide to slap Mr. Winters and Mr. Winters to retaliate by spanking Adelaide. A passionate interlude ensues that is hot enough to start a wildfire.

The stage stops at a way station that is a very small building with an outhouse. After an encounter with a large hairy, leggy creature in the outhouse, Adelaide ends up in Mr. Winters' arms. Thank goodness for indoor plumbing! Escorted back to the way station, Adelaide uses the screened area set up with a pitcher of water and an incredibly grimy towel to freshen up. Mr. Winters appears behind Adelaide for another steamy interlude that has both parties screaming in ecstasy.

On the final leg of the journey, Adelaide is so tired she falls asleep. She dreams of a large white house with a little boy and girl, who both look like her, asleep inside. Is she married and having an affair with Mr. Winters? She awakes to find Mr. Winters planning his final seduction. And what a seduction it is!!!

This novel is a good one to add to your summer reading list. It's a quick enough read to take on vacation or even for a day at the pool. The dominant/submissive storyline has enough steamy hot sex to have you wishing for a fan to cool yourself off. I always get to the end of a short novel wishing that it was longer and this one was no exception. I really liked the twist that Ursula Grey threw in at the end. It's worth the read!
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