Steamed Up Memories

Corinne Davies
Steamed Up Memories
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Siren Publishing Inc.
Release Date
July 2011
Book 2 of Steampunked Lust
Erotic Romance, Historical Romance, LGBTQ, Ménage or more, Steampunk Romance

In a misguided attempt to atone for her mistaken loyalty to her father, Yzabeau Gifrator branches out on her own to find the truth and ends up in more danger than she ever faced before.

Liam McKenna never forgot the girl he failed to protect from being taken from their village, and now his days are filled with missions to locate women sold in the slave pits.

Tristan has loved Liam ever since the day he heard stories of a thirteen-year-old boy trying to fight an entire New World garrison in an attempt to protect someone he cared about. But their relationship has been built on the present without any true thoughts to a future.

Together, will the three of them find a love strong enough to face the bitter memories that shaped them, or will their pasts blow them out of the sky?

Note: This book contains double vaginal penetration.

Book Review by BookAddict (reviewer)
Sep 13, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Do you want to do what's right? Are you sickened to find out the loving father you've been protecting is actually not who he seems? This is probably the worst betrayal you've felt, finding out that your father who's loving and standing for what is right turns out to be undermining against your cause is the worst that can happen, right? You would be wrong. Try being naked, beaten and sold at a slave auction because your father sold you out – this is the worst for Yzabeau.

STEAMED UP MEMORIES started with angry fury generating plenty of steam—steam coming out of Yzabeau's ears for getting caught and basically left hanging out to dry. Surprisingly, two other men are also steamed up about the situation. Tristan and Liam are the ones who find Yzabeau by chance on the auction block. Furious with her since they previously had her under their protection, they rescue her.

The conflict is not over because someone is leaking information to the enemy. This places Tristan's ship and crew in jeopardy. Two women are suspected of this treachery, and unfortunately, Yzabeau is one of them. She's keeping a secret for fear of damaging the fragile trust between her and the two men. While the subterfuge is going on, Tristan is oblivious to the shenanigans of a spoiled princess tearing his burgeoning triad apart. Tristan is also keeping a secret of his past from Liam and Yzabeau, which ends up biting him on the proverbial butt.

Ms. Davies's second installment of her steampunk series caused me to have fits—fits of uncontrollable desire to hit a couple of her characters. I liked Tristan. He's a man's man. He's hot and sexy. I can see what draws Liam and Yzabeau to him. He has a white knight complex that is the worst I've seen in a long time. He wants to protect everyone and he takes all burdens on his shoulder. I want to slap him upside the head for his insistence to do what he thinks is best for everyone. Liam, I want to cuddle and reassure him of his worth. He is deserving of love and a complete treasure. Yzabeau who is supposedly so smart, I also want to slap her upside the head for some of the antics she pulled. I guess it's true that love sometimes makes a person stupid. Still, these characters pulled me in and I wanted to warn them when they made a relationship faux pas. This is a sure sign of me enjoying a book. I'm invested in both the characters and their plight.

We do learn more about this steampunk world Ms. Davies is creating. She reveals more about the two opposing forces. While this is all good information, the real fun of the story is the tasty threesome. The sex scenes were smexy and the steam factor was definitely there. It also provided some new characters who I hope star in the next story. Kass and Julian intrigued me. I'm hoping for a flaming fight between those two that would end up in a bonfire of sexual release. I recommend this book to others who like steamy threesome with some nifty steampunk elements.
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