Dance with Me

Heidi Cullinan
Dance with Me
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Loose Id
Release Date
July 2011
Contemporary Romance, LGBTQ

Ed Maurer has bounced back, more or less, from the neck injury that permanently benched his semi-pro football career, but every time he turns around, dance instructor Laurie Parker is in his way. But when a bargain lands him as an assistant in Laurie's ballroom dancing class, everything changes.

As Laurie and Ed lose themselves in dance, their lives continue to spin around them: Ed's injury makes it clear he's nowhere near recovery, Laurie feels the pressure by friends and family to perform once more, and the community center that has become such an important part of both their worlds threatens to close. Alone, they haven't had the strength or spirit to face what life has hurled at them. But as the turns of their personal paths lead them time and again to one another, Ed and Laurie begin to think that if they dance this dance together, they might be able to succeed.

Book Review by Midia
Sep 10, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Have you ever read a book that at the end of reading leaves a feeling of well-being? Or that a few days after reading it, you still remember him? DANCE WITH ME was one of those books for me.

Ed Maurer is a former football player who had his career ended prematurely because of an injury. A scandal led to the end of the career of dancer Laurie Parker. Currently, both are volunteers at the Halcyon Center and hate each other. When Laurie proposes Ed to be his assistant for a ballroom dance class in exchange for a favor, it is the beginning of a friendship and a partnership that will change both their lives.

DANCE WITH ME is not just a love story. It is a story of overcoming, acceptance, a new beginning but also a love story. The book holds your attention from the start. The plot is interesting, the characters are captivating. Until the dance add to the wonderful experience that was read in this book. The author manages to convey, with a perfect mastery, the different emotions of the main characters that at times I had to stop reading to recover.

Ed and Laurie are both complex characters. They are broken emotionally and in the case of Ed physically as well. They have to overcome physical and emotional obstacles and expectations of others and their own insecurities in order to stay together. I found it fascinating as the dance played a key role in the beginning but also during the relationship between them.

In my opinion, DANCE WITH ME is a wonderful book. Ed and Laurie's story and their happy ending earned a special place on my bookshelf and in my heart. And I hope you got the same feeling as me.
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