When Love is Enough

Laura Landon
When Love is Enough
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Prairie Muse
Release Date
November 2010
Book 1 of The Brotherhood Series
Historical Romance

Gabriel Talbot loved her. Liddy knew it. Felt it. Owned the deep and tender knowledge of it, so much so that in Gabe's arms, she knew her heart was safe.

Lydia Landwell loved him. Gabriel saw it in her eyes. Felt it in every tender word. Theirs was a love that few marriages could boast, and they knew it, cherished that knowledge in their hearts until the day Gabriel might announce his intentions to her father.

But before the words could be spoken, before the hearts could be united, Gabe broke Liddy's heart and walked away. She could never know that if he stayed, if he forced her father to give him Liddy's hand in marriage, it would leave her father and brothers penniless.

To save their fortune, he broke her heart, and took his own shattered heart off to the Crimea, until, half dead, he made it home to the only woman who can heal him. But how can she save him when she is pledged to a man he admires more than any other?

Read WHEN LOVE IS ENOUGH and see how author LAURA LANDON manages to tear down the barriers of pain and mistrust...as two broken hearts learn the only lesson they will ever need to know. That love is enough.

Book Review by CarolAnn
Aug 24, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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LOVE IS ENOUGH, the first in The Brotherhood Series by Laura Landon, is a captivating story which brings together all the elements of a truly memorable historical romance.

Gabriel (Gabe) Talbot and Lydia (Liddy) Landwell are deeply in love and when his friends, her brothers Harrison Landwell (Viscount Rundmoor) and Austin Landwell, are summoned to a meeting with their father, the Earl of Etherington, Gabe accompanies them intending to ask him for his daughter's hand in marriage. But he finds himself in a terrible dilemma when he discovers that, deeply in debt to the Duke of Chisolmwood, the Earl must sign a marriage contract between Liddy and the Duke's son, the Marquess of Culbertson, or the family will suffer financial ruin.

He couldn't do this. He loved her too much to lose her but if they married and she found out their love had ruined her father and brothers, she'd hate him forever. And herself.

He is forced to convince Liddy that he has never really loved her and was only really interested in her dowry, leaving her heartbroken.

Eighteen months later whilst fighting in the Crimea, Gabriel is severely wounded taking important papers from a Russian general. Austin discovers him barely alive but will not give up on him and takes him home to Etherhouse. Following her father's death, Liddy has been in mourning for the past year and her marriage to the Marquess postponed. When Liddy discovers that Gabe is at Etherhouse badly wounded, she tries to stay away but can't, and seeing him like this:

She hurt for him, ached with a pain so agonizing she wasn't sure she could survive it.

Only Liddy's touch brings Gabe back from the brink of death and his feelings for her are still as deep as ever. Liddy struggles with her feelings for Gabe, but is determined to banish him from her heart. While Gabe is slowly recovering, Austin receives a message from the mysterious Thorn, the agent who issues their orders, sending him on an important mission to France. Later, Harrison receives word that Austin has been captured and imprisoned by the French, and Gabe and Liddy set out on a mission to rescue him but it is one fraught with danger. Will they finally reveal their true feelings for each other knowing that they may never return?

Ms Landon brilliantly conveys both Gabe's anguish when he is forced to lie to Liddy about his feelings for her to protect her family and Liddy's devastation when she believes he has never loved her. The scenes where Liddy tends the wounded Gabe are so heartrending and it is easy to empathize with her turmoil as she struggles to understand her conflicting emotions. I found the scene where Liddy whispers to Gabe, when she fears he's slipping away, so moving. The element of danger during their mission to rescue Austin serves to heighten the tension between Liddy and Gabe, culminating in their declaration of love for each other and a sensual but poignant love scene.

He moved his hands over her, touching her, feeling her, gathering her to him. For this moment in time, this was where she belonged. Where they belonged...together.

Their mating was explosive. The seeking, searching, finding, exploring – all of it more powerful than he imagined.

Their path to true love certainly doesn't run smoothly and I did find myself wondering if they could ever be together with the ever-present threat of the Duke of Chisolmwood. My compliments to Ms Landon for giving me not only my lovely happy ending but also one or two surprises along the way. I was so delighted that the hateful Duke of Chisolmwood's plans are foiled in very satisfying way.

Ms Landon really brings all the horrors of the Crimean War to life with her vivid writing:

The stench of death permeated the air so that Gabe could scarcely breathe. The moans and screams of the injured and dying echoed in his ears. There was no escape from it. Death was all around him, a part of him.

When Gabe gives his impassioned speech at the ball in his honor, saying how the men were totally unprepared to fight on foreign soil, with outdated equipment and unsuitable clothing, I was struck by how very little things seemed to have changed!

The secondary characters add depth to the story and I am looking forward to reading Harrison and Austin's books in this series. I felt I should dislike the Marquess of Culbertson but he is nothing like his father. He is an honorable man, only too aware of his duty, whose subsequent actions really endeared him to me.

A beautiful and emotionally satisfying love story, WHEN LOVE IS ENOUGH will certainly tug at your heart strings. I already have two more books by Laura Landon on my Kindle and I am certainly looking forward to reading them.
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