Love's Delight

Mica Jade
Love's Delight


Mica Jade
Release Date
July 2011
Erotic Romance

Brooke's afternoon just got a lot creamier. Her plans for a quiet afternoon curled up in her favorite coffeehouse reading and enjoying a hot latte are detoured when a deliciously handsome coffeehouse barista named Dylan leaves a mysterious napkin note under her savory drink. Will Brooke's curiosity about the barista's intentions turn her quiet afternoon into a Love's Delight?

Love's Delight is an 8,200-word short story.

***** This title is also available in the discounted collection, Love's Quartet: Four Erotic Romances, Vol.1 *****

CAUTION: Love's Delight contains graphic and explicit sexual intimacy that will have you craving a creamy afternoon delight! This is an erotic short story.



As Dylan left her side, Brooke couldn't tell if her heart was racing due to the hunk o' barista's scare or if her heart was fluttering over the hunk o' barista himself. He was hotter than hot, she thought. She breathed in a deep breath attempting to bring calm back within her chest. He can get my coffee and whatever else he likes any time he wants. She glanced over her shoulder towards the coffeehouse counter. Her phantom barista was slaving for her over the espresso machine. His arms bulged from under a short-sleeved black polo. He had dark brown wavy hair with slightly extended side burns that accented his high cheekbones. Her eyes scanned his broad shoulders as he intently made her creamy concoction. That's right my hot barista, whip it up good. He raised his head taking a glance in her direction. Brooke turned her head looking away so quickly, she felt like something permanently shifted in her slender neck. She quickly grabbed her book and pretended she was minding her own business. But her mind was fast approaching another kind of business.

Dylan brought the replenished drink back over to Brooke. Without saying a word he set the savory drink down on the table near her petite feet and walked towards the rear of the shop.
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