Love's Quartet: Four Erotic Romances, Vol. 1

Mica Jade
Love's Quartet: Four Erotic Romances, Vol. 1


Mica Jade
Release Date
August 2011
Erotic Romance

Love's Quartet Volume I is a collection of four erotic romances including the bestselling Love's Bite as well as Love's Delight, Love's Passion, and Love's Rise.

CAUTION: Love's Quartet contains graphic and explicit sexual intimacy that includes love, spanking, love, fangs, love, chocolate crème, love, vampires, and more love! This is an erotic romance story collection.

Love's Quartet includes:
Love's Bite -
For stay at home mom, Ella, Halloween trick or treating with the children was the extent of her ghoulish activities. But her husband, Michael, has plans to bring out the devilish side of her when they masquerade as vampires for a bloodsucking night on the town. Will the vampire fling he has in mind leave love's bite on their ecstasy or will their wicked jaunt put a stake in their passion?

Love's Delight -
Brooke's afternoon just got a lot creamier. Her plans for a quiet afternoon curled up in her favorite coffeehouse reading and enjoying a hot latte are detoured when a deliciously handsome coffeehouse barista named Dylan leaves a mysterious napkin note under her savory drink. Will Brooke's curiosity about the barista's intentions turn her quiet afternoon into a love's delight?

Love's Passion -
After their daughter's lovely wedding, Sam and Beth are left with a flood of emotions. Sam finds it hard to leave the lovely resort town by the sea; Beth can't seem to leave the town soon enough. However, Sam has one last voyage in mind before they leave for familiar waters. Will a clandestine by-the-sea rendezvous set sail love's passion once again?

Love's Rise -
After a flood ravages their home, married couple Neil and Kelly, begin to put their home life back together. But as the renovation of their home begins, Neil and Kelly realize that the damage of the flood has exposed a deep divide within their once passionate bond. Kelly's longing for her husband is truly revealed when the floodwaters recede. Neil embarks on a rescue mission of Kelly's heart.
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