Out Of The Shadows

Julia Davies
Out Of The Shadows
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Phaze Books
Release Date
June 2011
LGBTQ, Paranormal Romance, Vamps & Shifters Romance

Jai Hanson knows that Dane is his mate; he's known it since they met. If only he could get Dane to realize it too.

Dane Bryant joined his new wolfpack in an effort to leave his old life behind, to protect the secret he has kept hidden for years but he is finding it harder than ever after meeting Jai. He knows that in acknowledging his attraction to Jai, he will have to make the move out of the self-imposed shadows and admit his sexuality, but fear keeps him quiet. When his sister, Sasha, needs help getting away from her abusive boyfriend, however, he finds himself turning to Jai.

As Dane gradually begins to open up to Jai, events around them seem determined to cause them problems. Between Sasha's ex-boyfriend stalking them and Dane's father's reaction to the news that his son is gay, they both know this isn't going to be easy.

Book Review by Valentina Heart (author,reviewer)
Sep 07, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Despite the wonderful cover and an intriguing blurb, this story wasn't much different from all other shifter books. Two mates, one struggling with his sexuality, the other already madly in love, and to make things interesting, add family and a crazy ex.

Influenced by his father's prejudice, Dane is so scared of being recognized as gay, that for years he has been allowing people to sexually use him. It only increased his shame and eventually he left his pack to join another, where he met Jai.

While Jai is aware of Dane being his mate, Dane is so deeply in denial he isn't even able to smell or notice their bond. That eventually changes, especially when he gets the support of his sister who has plenty of problems of her own.

Helping his sibling and struggling through his ‘coming out', Dane is more than happy to have Jai's support, and although he might not show it, he feels just as deeply as his mate.

Essentially, there was nothing wrong with this book. It has a good plot, solid characters and is long enough to make you care. But there was just no spark in it. Dane's conflicts didn't seem convincing and a few times I even considered him childish with his unfounded fear of his father. The man was disapproving but not violent to the point of killing someone and while words do cut deep, I didn't find even that much bite in Gil. Still, Dane kept flinching and trembling as if the world was about to fall down on him.

The bad guy, while fierce enough, was still only human and not particularly bright. How exactly he managed to outsmart a whole pack of wolves is beyond me. But even that would be acceptable if not for the weak attempts to intimidate the man by Jai and Dane. For guys who cared they did a really bad job of it and were, in the end, the reason for the negative development of the situation.

This is not a bad book, but it required a lot of patience on my side and the lack of previously mentioned spark made it pretty much forgettable.
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