Dark Sun

M.J. O'Shea
Dark Sun
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Loose Id
Release Date
July 2011
Action/Adventure Romance, Erotic Romance, LGBTQ, Romantic Science Fiction/Futuristic

Lynx is the spoiled, sheltered son of the Dragon Triad, a crime family that rules over futuristic New Seattle. When he gets separated from his cousins during an adventure in the seediest part of town, he meets the man of his dreams in bar owned by the Phoenix Triad, his family's bitter rivals. After a night spent in passion, his mysterious lover disappears and Lynx fears he'll never find him again.

Orion has a secret. On the surface he's the perfect son, a society prince, heir to the Phoenix Triad's corporate throne. But in his other life he's known as Katana—thief, hacker, hero, who steals from the triads to help the poor citizens of Bottom City. Orion knows the pretty Dragon he met in the bar that night is trouble, but he can't forget the passion they shared. So when the opportunity arises, Orion captures him and takes him on an adventure he'll never forget.

Together they have fire, lust…and the beginnings of real and lasting love. But can their love survive in the face of Orion's mission, their true identities, and the feud between their families? Or will it burn out with the heat of the Sun?

Book Review by Valentina Heart (author,reviewer)
Sep 15, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Fantastic futuristic world with all the familiar concepts twisted just a bit differently and turned into something extremely interesting. That's about the crudest way I could have described this wonderful story but still made it intriguing enough.

Lynx is the middle son of the Dragon Triad, one of the two most powerful Triads in New Seattle. He is sheltered, naïve and spoiled, but surprisingly enough, he also has a soft heart and is untainted by the ways of his family. On a night out with his more adventurous cousins, he gets lost and ends up in bed with a mysterious lover who just about rocks his world with a kiss.

Orion is the only son of the Phoenix Triad and not as innocent as he seems. Far from the eyes of the Cloud Level and his family, he is Katana, a hacker and a thief who steals from the Triads and gives to the poor. Orion is the more level headed of the two and realizes just how dangerous the world they live in is. While he can't resist his Dragon lover and mystery man any more than his lover can forget about him, Orion has other things to think about, like saving the people the Triads have destroyed.

It is understood that the two end up together, have passionate sex and a bunch of cute and adorable moments. What you won't get from the blurb is the notion of how exactly action-filled and interesting is this story. Katana fights for his beliefs with a passion and adrenaline infused recklessness while Lynx can barely see further than Orion's eyes and gorgeous hair. The two fit surprisingly well together and their struggle for justice and mutual happiness is at moments extremely heart-warming.

I loved the world this author created, where only the rich live comfortably and almost everyone else suffers. It is the everlasting conquest for power and wealth that leads the people and at one point they stop caring about the consequences their actions might have during their crime riddled journey.

The first few pages were conflicting when it came to Lynx. No matter how sheltered he might be, he was also raised to be a fighter and a killer. What I read at the beginning clashed with Lynx's supposed capabilities and made me think of him as someone not overly bright. While that sort of faded during the story I never did manage to like him as much as I did Orion.

In addition to those few irregularities, it was also obvious that this story should have been longer. The excessive rush present in the book took from the plot and the quality, leaving behind a wonderful introduction to the world I would have loved to know more about. It wasn't really so much about the characters as I wanted to know what happened next, what they actually accomplished with their actions and what reactions their fathers had. It think with a bit more effort, this could have been a brilliant book, nonetheless I do suggest you read it when in the mood for a bit of cyberpunk sci-fi.

Disclaimer: The reviewer is also a published author with Loose Id.
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