Claimed By Desire

KayAnna Kirby
Claimed By Desire
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Sovereign Press
Release Date
April 2011
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

A Good girl Gone Bad…

Certified Public Accountant Allison Cain screwed up. Against her better judgement, she sleeps with a man she meets for the first time. The next morning he is no-where to be found. She is left alone and feels used. But that wasn't the end of her torture, because Allison discovers her one night stand leaves her with more than hurt feelings.

A Billionaire with everything except…

Bryson Anderson Jr., multi billionaire real estate developer has it all; money, power, women, even his own island. A real estate acquisition brings him face to face with the alluring Allison once again on the tropical Cayman Islands. When he hears Allison is expecting his heir as a result of their explosive one night stand, a primal urge for a family is born. However, he has to convince an angry Allison to be a family even if it's just for their child.

He didn't realize he could lose his heart in the process.

When Bryson becomes the target of a jilted rival out to destroy him, Allison and Bryson will have to fight for their lives and their hearts—before it's too late.

Book Review by Rebecca
Nov 24, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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The plot of CLAIMED BY DESIRE sounded good but it just didn't play out. The dialogue sounded cute but it never developed further. The characters sounded intriguing but were actually simple. And then there was the grammar and glaring spelling errors that continued to pull me out of the story.

The story is about CPA Allison Cain who screwed up when against her better judgment, she slept with a man she hardly knew. When she woke the next morning in a cold bed, she felt used, angry and alone. But Allison was not as truly alone as she thought when she discovers her one nightstand left her with more than just regret.

Now Allison is in the Cayman Islands with her accounting firm and she literally runs into the man that she had the one night stand with – who is also the man her company is here to work with. Having planned to place the baby up for adoption, Allison hasn't attempted to contact Bryson and, in fact, had planned to never see him again. But now Bryson overhears Allison talking to her friend about the pregnancy and he's determined to make Allison his and claim his heir. His problem now is that Allison is so angry at him for leaving the morning after without a goodbye that she wants nothing to do with him.

Bryson is used to getting what he wants and Allison is proving to be more difficult than he anticipated. He plans a trip to his private island, luring Allison under the pretense of work-related papers her company needs. A jealous competitor whose company is being taken over by Bryson's company sabotages the private plane. When the plane crashes, Bryson and Allison survive and miraculously find themselves washed up on his private island. Here they rediscover their feelings for one another and all is well until it is discovered they did not die in the crash.

The writing style of this author and the lack of editing, is really my main complaint. I couldn't help feeling frustrated when the glaring typos, spelling errors, and randomly placed words made the story difficult to read. And then I had nothing else to hold onto because I never felt an emotional connection to either of the main characters. Bryson seemed a little primitive with the whole me-have-family routine and I wondered what his true motivations were. I couldn't decide if I felt sorry for Allison or was just annoyed by her. Both of their emotions were all over the place, making it difficult for readers to have a true sense of the characters.

The dialogue was cute in the beginning but it never developed with the emerging relationship. Conversations between Allison and Bryson often felt stilted and awkward. The story simply could've been tightened up to filter through some unnecessary scenes, which slowed the overall pace.

The book had a decent premise and a few good parts to it but in the end the story just didn't work for me.
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