Beautiful Criminal

BL Bonita
Beautiful Criminal


Noble Romance Publishing
Release Date
August 2011
Action/Adventure Romance, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Multi-cultural/Multi-racial Romance

A mountain woman's peace is about to be disturbed.

Mima Etu lives a quiet life with her sled dogs in the Canadian Rockies. During a routine run with her best friend, she comes across a recent plane crash and a pilot on the brink of death. With the sun setting and the temperature dropping, taking him to the nearest hospital isn't an option. She brings the mystery man back to her cabin and nurses him back to health.

On a deadly mission with precious cargo, Gabriel Miller loses control of his Cessna and plunges into pilot's hell. He awakens in the comfort of a log cabin with a gorgeous native woman tending his every need. Her soft-spoken beauty sparks his longing for a different kind of life--and a torrid love affair. But their liaison is about to end. The owners of the cargo are out to find him, and they don't plan on leaving any witnesses behind.
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