Treat Myself

Josee Renard
Treat Myself
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Cobblestone Press
Release Date
August 2012
Book 2 of Part Time Lovers
Erotic Romance

Mercy's feeling blue because her business—and occasional sex—partner Jules is walking around looking like a cat who just stole a pint of cream. But she's not a woman to wait for something to happen, she's going to make it happen. When she finds a post on Part Time Lovers from two men who want, finally, to show their love for each other and need a woman to facilitate their night, she's in. What she doesn't realize is that she's going to learn a whole new side of herself. She going to learn that she loves watching.

Book Review by Tyra Berger
Oct 28, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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This book may be short but it is not sweet…it's hot!

Mercy and her best friend Jules own Part Time Lovers, a dating and fantasy come true company. Mercy finds herself feeling unsatisfied sexually but when she reads Ian and Andrew's fantasy, she knows she has found just the kind of encounter that will break her dry spell.

I had a hard time getting into this book; it feels very disjointed and disconnected at the beginning. I couldn't tell whose thoughts I was following and it felt as though it started in the middle of a story. There are some really glaring editing errors. On one page, he removes his black briefs, and then a page and a half later he is wearing them again, which in a longer book might not have stood out as much.

However, the connection between Ian and Andrew was amazing and very sensual. And Mercy's voyeurism is a place I think a lot of us have wanted to be. I would definitely be interested if the author expanded Ian and Andrew's story. It's a quick read with a nice ending.
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