With Wings

Z. Allora
With Wings
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MLR Press
Release Date
July 2011
Book 1 of The Dark Angels
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, LGBTQ

The Dark Angels are a rock sensation. Darius Stone or Dare as he has been nicknamed by the fans, is thrilled to be a part of the phenomenon as the lead guitarist. The guys in the band are great, especially Angel Luv. Darius has always been straight so he really has no clue why his heart races when ever the sexy lead singer is around. On stage, Angel flirts and kisses leave Dare breathless. A trip with Angel to Bali to finish up the songs for the next album leads them into a 'friends with benefits' deal. But that still did not make Dare gay, though falling in love with Angel might cause him to re-evaluate his status. Not that it mattered because the fabulous Angel Luv wouldn't be interested in him long term...would he?

Book Review by Valentina Heart (author,reviewer)
Sep 17, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Starting with music, through hot sex and romance to more music, this story makes you gush and squeal, raises your sugar then makes you beg for more. Seriously, I'm not kidding.

Dare and Angel are members of a band, The Dark Angels. While they haven't been on the scene very long, they are burning the road in front of them with killer lyrics and unique style. The drop dead gorgeous lead singer, Angel, and his wicked seductive ways are certainly not doing any harm and Dare, the lead guitarist, is the first one to confirm it.

You see, Angel is bisexual, a fact he doesn't hide. Instead he uses every chance he can to touch, kiss or be near Dare, on stage and off. None of it makes Dare any less straight, not the hard on in his pants nor the lust filled gaze reserved exclusively for Angel. Dare is just not gay.

Then Angel organizes a trip for him and Dare, a bit of peace on Bali to work on their next album, and while Dare isn't exactly sure why he should say no, he knows that trip is about to test and push through his thinly threaded limits.

First half of this book was not a five star for me. It needed a bit of polish when it came to writing and a bit more introduction into the characters would have been welcomed. With a four in mind, I read through Dare's repetitive and, I admit, annoying statements about his sexuality, but there was a point in the book when things just flipped and a four became a brilliant five.

I could say it was the sex that won me over, because there were things in there I've read about for the first time. Dare certainly let loose and Angel never really gave me the impression of being an angel. That man is so wicked he makes you squirm in your seat. But while there was abundance of sex introduced, it was the little things that got to me – touches, statements, even looks. They felt magical and by the last couple of chapters, I was a true fan contemplating who will be the stars of the next book.

I can't guarantee others will share my enthusiasm, but I do know this story is up there with the Conquest and Heaven series. In my opinion it is not something you want to miss.
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