Spells and Bananas

Joyee Flynn
Spells and Bananas
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Siren Publishing
Release Date
August 2011
Book 9 of Midnight Matings
Fantasy Romance, LGBTQ

Kirby Saxon, a fun-loving spider monkey shifter, finds himself being rescued by a large, muscled man with kind eyes from an overzealous woman. He decides to mate now and learn about each other later…including that male witches can get pregnant.

Amery Goddard is an ancient Witch who carries the weight from his lengthy past on his shoulders. He works at a hospital in Colorado Springs, while Kirby can live anywhere with his job for Sups Weekly, so it seems they are the perfect fit. Amery's job as CNO has been his main passion—that is, until he meets Kirby. But that same hospital is the cause of his greatest distress in years, and he almost crumbles under the pressure.

Will Kirby and Amery's attendance at the UPAC Conference be a blessing concealed within a curse, or will Amery's haunted past lead to them losing everything they've built?

Book Review by Tyra Berger
Sep 21, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Joyee Flynn is bringing back the funny! The other two books in this trilogy set were a little darker but SPELLS AND BANANAS, number 9 in the Midnight Matings series brings back the humor that has been so prevalent in past books. Don't get me wrong. Anytime you have M-preg with the possibilities of not only multiple births but let's throw in the mingling of species too, it's not all fun and games, but there are some really funny moments in this story.

This book is another example of how little the species know about each other, and I feel gives us more insight as to why the Elders made the decision they did. Not that I think what they did is right and thought Amery's little "gift" to them was HILARIOUS.

I liked the idea of opposites attracting, the silly spider monkey with the serious witch, the larger Amery wanting to be topped by the smaller Kirby. And where you would think that Amery being the Chief of Nursing for a large hospital would be the more secure of the two, you couldn't be more wrong. Amery's low self-esteem and insecurities make him a very sympathetic character and made Kirby's treatment of him very sweet to read.

Another thing I liked about this book is we get much more of the after story than in any of the previous books and it was nice to see where the couple was several months after the honeymoon phase. I would have liked to find out the Kirby's mom ended up with the vampire cop but alas that was not mentioned….hint hint possibly another story???

Ms. Flynn's story arc is well developed and made for a quick and fun read. If you enjoyed the previous Midnight Matings books, you will not be disappointed with this addition.
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