Occupational Hazards

Elizabeth Raines; Cheryl Brooks; Mellanie Szereto
Occupational Hazards
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Siren-Bookstrand, Inc.
Release Date
August 2011
Book 3 of The Sextet Anthology
Erotic Romance, Ménage or more

Another day, another dollar…until love pops in to spice up the workday drudgery. You never know when that person—or persons—working alongside you will suddenly strike your fancy, or when a client will become so much more than a client and the sexual tension will skyrocket. Join the ladies of The Sextet as they explore what can happen when the hazards of the job are compounded with love affairs and sensuous pleasures. From an advertising agency where a cougar is pursued by the two sexy men on her team, to a well-drilling project that ends up pumping more than water, to what happens when a lady hires a three-man construction crew to repair her storm-damaged roof, whether you prefer one man…or two…or three, you're sure to enjoy the sizzling erotic heat. Work has never been this much fun…

* * * * *

The Ad Men and the Cougar by Elizabeth Raines [M/M/F, with M/M, Contemporary] Advertising executive Tracey Daniels has assembled her Dream Team—two smart, sexy men who seem to anticipate her every move. Can they convince her to make the transition from workroom to bedroom?

Windfall by Cheryl Brooks [M/M/M/F, Contemporary] Angelica Jacobs gets more than she bargained for when a handsome contractor falls through the roof of her Bed & Breakfast. Can anyone say foursome?

Wet Her Whistle by Mellanie Szereto [M/M/F, with M/M elements, Contemporary, pegging, sex toys] When Jonnalyn Petit's best friends, Randy and Jason, offer to put in her new water well, will the pumping and drilling extend to her bedroom? Or will she hang them out to dry when she discovers their secret?

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Feb 22, 2015   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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OCCUPATIONAL HAZARDS is the third offering from the Sextet Anthology, with stories from Elizabeth Raines, Cheryl Brooks and Mellanie Szereto. The anthology contains the following 3 stories:

The Ad Men and the Cougar by Elizabeth Raines (MMF)

Advertising Project Manager Tracey Daniels has created a Dream Team with the inclusion of Graphic Artist Corey Franklin and Copywriter Ben Clark. It definitely doesn't hurt that the two younger men are some serious eye candy! Ben and Corey could care less about the age difference; they're certain the three of them will be just as hot in the bedroom as they are in the boardroom. And the reality is so much better than they thought it might be! But Tracey can't stand the thought of being so much older than her men. Can they convince her to take a chance on them?

This was a sexy quick story, and being in the creative industry myself, I could appreciate the setting in the advertising world. The chemistry between Ben, Corey and Tracey was out of this world and I thought their relationship felt organic and real. Of course I loved the guy on guy action! I'd rate this one a 5 on its own.

Windfall by Cheryl Brooks (MMMF)

Angelica Jacobs hadn't even opened her bed & breakfast yet when a diabolical tree decided to make the roof mincemeat. The bright side is the very hunky contractor Tyrone Williams and his sidekicks, Derrick Delaney and Luke O'Malley. The men have all had hard-ons for Angelica since high school, and now that she's in close proximity with horizontal surfaces near? Goners.

Windfall is a straightforward, erotic novella with a ménage a quatre that will make you groan. The banter was amusing, though really juvenile at times. The men referenced school many times and acted like they never left. Their strange mix of boyish charm and bad porn dialogue left me unsure whether I really enjoyed this story or not. Alone I would rate this a 3.

Wet Her Whistle by Mellanie Szereto (MMF)

With no water and a sore toe from kicking the porcelain tub, Jonnalyn Petit decides to take her BFF's up on their offer of a shower. Randy Atlas and Jason Delian have wanted Jonnie forever and they're tired of having to covertly adjust themselves every time she's around. She wants them too, but naturally they're gay, and a couple. When a steamy shower turns into a steamy night in bed, things will never be the same!

I loved this story! It was sweet yet hot, loving yet erotic. The connection felt realistic and the banter was natural. This was a threesome I could actually picture happening in real life. Jonnie surprised me with her fabulously smutty dirty talk; she seemed so reserved in the beginning! Alone this would rate a 4, only because of the editing errors that occurred in this short story. With those fixed, I'd rate it a 5 for sure.
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