Love Under Two Flyboys

Cara Covington; Morgan Ashbury
Love Under Two Flyboys
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Siren Publishing
Release Date
June 2011
Book 4 of Lusty, Texas
Erotic Romance, Ménage or more, Western Romance

[#424 Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M]

When she emergency lands her uncle's new plane at their airfield, Tamara Jones reluctantly agrees to accept Morgan and Henry Kendall's help in getting the Piper fixed. She may even indulge in some fun and games with the two sexy flyboys, but she knows there's no way they could really be aiming for forever.

The brothers Kendall fire her jets, but she knows better than to trust in love. Blood will tell, and there's no way she wants to end up like her parents, racking up exes at the speed of sound.

It doesn't take Morgan and Henry long to understand that Tamara has commitment issues. With enough time, they know they can show her they all have what it takes for the long haul.

But then a stranger comes to town, and there are questions about the plane she arrived in, and soon keeping her takes a back seat to keeping her safe.

Book Review by Michelle R
Sep 04, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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How exactly would one go wrong living in a town called, "Lusty?" You just can't. Especially if you are a girl who craves attention, pampering and exceptionally dominant men in your life. Yes, I did say ‘men'. For in Lusty, Texas it is all about ménage marriages.

I am a ménage loving maniac. I'll admit it. And Cara Covington is holding her own in my heart against my favorites Sophie Oak, Lora Leigh and Brynn Paulin. I love the way these ladies not only create three characters for me to fall in love with, but a whole community to revel in.

Lusty is a town full of history. They have a curator dedicated to preserving the truth and sharing it with newcomers. They are a close-knit community and a friendly welcome has to be earned. So when you arrive, bring your manners and a boatload of respect. This is Texas.

In the latest Lusty installment, Tamara Jones literally falls out of the sky and onto Henry and Morgan Kendall's runway. The two instantly recognize the premonition come to pass and waste no time in tagging Tamara as their own. They only have as long as it will take to fix her Piper to convince her she belongs with the two of them. Forever.

Tamara is ready for a fun adventure, but she knows to keep her heart in check. Fun is fun, but hopes of forever are for the foolish. And all the romance gets put on hold as a mystery begins to unravel around the Piper's history, putting Tamara at risk.

You know, I think insta-love stories only belong in paranormal romance. Twenty-four hours doesn't bring love, it brings lust. Often some powerful lust we think is love. (Until the toilet seat is left up for the hundredth time and you fall in at two A.M.)

But Ms. Covington did a convincing job with her flyboys. The characters acknowledged the lust/love difference but held the strong belief that they had what it would take for their passion to grow into love with time. Hats off to her for letting in a little realism.

The best word for the characters in Lusty is ‘charming'. I laughed. I swooned. I fanned myself and hid my blush. They captivated me, leaving me with a monster smile across my face, a testament to the soft spot they've found in my heart.

Ménage fans of Bliss, Colorado and Desire, Oklahoma you have a new town to visit. Expect the tea to be sweet and the men to be sweeter. Yee Haw! Enjoy!
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