Taken Hostage

Ranae Rose
Taken Hostage
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Ranae Rose
Release Date
July 2011
Erotic Romance

Tiffany isn't the type to waste time daydreaming about men, but when a hot stranger smoking - in more ways than one - on the steps of the bank she works at takes her breath away, she can't help it. He catches her attention as she exits the building on her way to lunch break, and she leaves fantasizing about helping the bank's newest customer-to-be with much more than just his finances. When he finally approaches the counter, it's not to open a new account, but to demand that Tiffany fill a pillowcase to the brim with cash - at gunpoint. The gorgeous gunman takes Tiffany on the run as his hostage, and her fear can't stand up to her attraction. When he offers to let her return to safety unharmed she realizes that there are many things she wants to do to him, but that walking away isn't one of them.

Book Review by I ♥ Bookie Nookie (reviewer)
Sep 30, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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I really wanted to love TAKEN HOSTAGE. It started out with a bang, loaded with promise, but as the story progressed, it became a little convoluted, ultimately watering down a solid story.

Upon returning from lunch, bank teller Tiffany encounters a mysterious and sexy stranger. Realizing he is out of her league, she drags herself back to work and the mundane routine that consists of her day. While standing at her counter fantasizing about the flirtations she exchanged just moments ago with her sexy stranger, she is jarred back to reality as the dark barrel of a gun is shoved in her face by none other than Mr. Psycho Sexy, demanding she fill his bag with cash. If that wasn't enough drama for her otherwise boring day, he snatches her up as a hostage.

Sweet and shy Tiffany is conflicted by the emotions her kidnapper, James, has stirred within her, but it doesn't take her long to get past her confusion. There were several missed opportunities, in my opinion, to take this book from steamy to smokin' hot. With the thoughts that were streaming through Tiffany's mind, I thought for sure Ms. Rose was gearing up for a little forced seduction, but alas, I was wrong, James had a totally willing victim.

When bank robber #2, Rolando and his cousin entered the picture, things started to go downhill with the story very quickly. There was entirely too much going on in the story for a novella, there just wasn't enough time to properly develop the characters or the story. There was no closure with the secondary characters...what happened to them anyway? The epilogue gave closure to Tiffany and James' story, but it ended abruptly and was a little too neat for my taste.
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